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  1. As the title, some G60 bits/ G60 generation of engine bits I've found in some boxes whilst tidying. Gearbox manual linkage bracket - 1J0 711 789 PAS bracket - 034 145 544 PAS Pulley , I think PAS pump bracket - 037 145 521 Supercharger lower brace, I think Core plugs - 036 103 113 A Corrado supercharger plenum + metal plate - 535 165 752 Supercharger > air box pipe -357 129 623 Supercharger belt tensioner bracket - 037 145 283 A Std supercharger pulley - 037 145 929 B Down pipe gasket Spring tensioner for supercharger belt - 037 145 299 (unsure if useable, is hard to push s
  2. Do you still have the engine ? I'll PM if you do.   Cheers.
  3. Well been contemplating one, and I know I know its not VW or VAG but I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience of the e46 M3?   Sort of running costs - how it would compare to an 8P S3. I know petrol usage would be more - doubt it can hit the 30mpg combined my S3 gets   Just after something more exciting to drive than the S3, love the car and its technically great - just suffers from the Audi thing of 'leccy steering which is numb to say the least, and after sampling one not sure I'm into turbos too much either, like to rev cars too much aha.   Any experiences m
  4. Do you have the supercharger bracket bolts/ the 4 bolts that fix the water pump to the block which the bracket sits on?   Cheers.
  5. Last i spoke to my local one, it was no longer available.   I belive its these anyhow: 21 028260821     stud with shoulder M8X34X24 / 22   028260821A  
  6. As title, I have two of the 4 bolts! need a full set.   Let me know what you've got! Need them to finish my mk1 off!   Cheers.
  7. Nah left out the names, thaught I might get told off for advertising lol. It was Metal Magic in barnsley though.   Loving every minute of the S3 :D Has a revo stage 1, just needs its induction kit back on that it was R/R with @ 318bhp.......... seats make it though ;)
  8. It will be soon :D, just need to get all the stuff sorted on the audi first
  9. Make sure you have the rod end caps on the correct way.   Sounds odd, but mine had 2 that were the opposite way around than the other 2. Stopped the crank turning.   Odd I know! But other than that as above, check they are the same dimension and not warped.
  10. Not much to update this, but thaught I'd keep this alive.   Had the wheels re-furbed, they were in dire condition when I got them. Went for a gun metal colour, not sure if it goes but will see when the Mk1 gets its re-spray. The shop I chose have done an awesome job though, would recommend them if anyone needs them doing in S.Yorks.     Golf looks a bit tatty, need to get motivated on it.     Now for the reason I have neglected the Mk1 the last month or two. Got a new car :D   A bit of an upgrade from my Millennium Edt./ Yellow Mk1 Ford Focus and i
  11. Well guys I got a new car last friday I ended going for an 08' /57 plate Audi S3. 42,5k on the clock, in Brilliant Red, not usually a fan of red, but I think it complements the shape well Found out in the paperwork its got a Revo stage 1, so running atleast 300bhp & 310lbft Never been In anything so quick haha! Its also got a few nice touches like, heated bucket seats, phone prep etc Totally awesome car so far and I'm getting 30mpg combined Ill get some picks if anyones interested Cheers.
  12. ECP and GSF for mine as my mate has trade discount Quite a lot off! Got a driveshaft today rrp 240ish w/ discount 40ish
  13. I am thinking the S3 is everything I want, and can achieve mpg that's acceptable for me at the moment. But, that alongside its £200 each corner tyres, servicing twice a year say and saving for insurance for the next year might be a bit much for me same for most cars I've looked at though I suppose. I'm having wild thoughts of taking a small loan to completely finish my Mk1 to make it useable (quiet on the inside, warm lol), and live with the mk1 g60 daily for a couple of years, whilst getting rid of my old ford! as I already have a considerable amount in it, and my