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  1. These still available?
  2. I got fed up waiting when I was looking for a set and when a set came up I didn't want to pay 2000+ for 2 seats. Good luck. I ended up buying an electric recaro interior and getting rear bench, 2 fronts and 4 door cards retrimmed for cheaper than 2 front seats.
  3. Posted before and thanks for the replies but I am looking to buy the complete kit - bonded windscreen seal, side panels and 4 corner pieces please. Thanks.
  4. What exhaust have you got on Mark?
  5. Rallye spoiler is thicker
  6. I have one with fresh blue paint but all the threaded pins are broken...but also have a normal gti one painted rallye blue with the threaded pins intact. You can maybe swap the pins over?
  7. I know but it's super glued to your hand...
  8. Looking for a LHD ECU cover for the rallye please. Thanks.
  9. I can relate to boxes of bits. I have a car to fit them to, you putting that in your mk1?
  10. yes, I sold it! Too many things going on and cars sitting about. The jetta got finished and I sold it last week, went to Manchester to be used as a daily. R32 is sold also. Fed up seeing the Rallye in bits so will spend the money on getting that done and also a wooden lock up in the garden.
  11. 2600 I fkd up, sure i put it as 2600 starting auction but turned out it was buy it now, made £100 on it. It's away to Manchester to a lad who is going to use it as a daily so it's gone to a good home.
  12. sold
  13. No takers again on fleabay. Looks like a bonus ball draw for it.