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  1. Pair of Rallye wings for sale Please look at the photo's as there is slight modification to them Collection from Exeter or can maybe courier at cost £800.
  2. As title, looking for rear ABS sensors for the rallye please. Thanks
  3. jonk710

    Elsecar at the Races 19

    I think its 14th April
  4. jonk710

    Elsecar at the Races 19

    That remains to be seen, i have no idea. I hope so. All the powder coating is back and engine should be getting rebuilt but the communication is non existent
  5. jonk710

    G60 Edition One

    Nice plate (and car!)
  6. jonk710

    Mk5 interior into mk2

    I can't get the pics to come up, maybe you will be able to view them?
  7. jonk710

    Elsecar at the Races 19

    30th Anniversary of the Rallye next year. Check the website for show details for 2019. http://elsecarattheraces.com/site/
  8. jonk710

    My new G60 Edition 1

    That's a real bummer that, not the easiest of jobs to do, never mind doing it twice.
  9. jonk710

    Bjx wiring in a caddy mk1

    doodles? AKA William Skelton at Dubnutz may be able to help?
  10. jonk710

    Rallye resurection

    It will be a 1900. We have agreed on a completion date of April 19 so hope it goes better than it has done. All the horror has been unearthed now so only way forward is to rectify it all.
  11. jonk710

    Rallye resurection

    Engine ready for rebuild.
  12. jonk710

    Rallye resurection

    Yes, it will be sorted and plans are in place to have it all put back to normality. Correct, bad luck but this is the last time. Once this is complete, I'm done with it all. No more projects.
  13. Looking for asset of 4 Borbet B centre caps please. Like the ones in the pic.
  14. jonk710

    Rallye resurection

    The premature fire up of the engine years ago has resulted in the block being scrap. I have bought another block and am away to order pistons. I sourced 2 front wings and the "evo" rear arches have had the filler removed. Basically they have been hammered out and tones of filler applied to give the wide look. Complete waste of a car but who ever did the widening can certainly work the filler. Next up is getting the correct profile back to the rear end and having the engine rebuilt. Beyond belief what people will do.
  15. jonk710

    Wanted - Hella rear lower spoiler for mk2

    2 on FB for 380 each