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  1. The cloth is Mk7 Golf GTE tartan, he's made a stunning job, really happy with them. I wasn't prepared to spend 2000+ on 2 rallye recaros so opted for the full retrim instead. 2 fronts, rear bench and 4 door cards cost less than 2 rallye recaros. No on the porker, the photo was taken at the trimmers when I picked the seats up.
  2. Welcome. How do you find the edition? I have a stock one, I'm guessing if your looking for a 20v Mk2 then your edition will be staged?
  3. Not much been going on apart from collecting parts. I got the Chromalux fitted, interior finished, brake ducts sourced, interior windscreen trim sourced, clips galore, tank straps, the list goes on.... Got a new bonded screen but it turned up damaged so have ordered another which has arrived, just waiting to get it fitted. Few more pics below.
  4. Yes please. I’m away for a month so can PayPal you if need be
  5. Mark, Are the front and rear sensors required for the rallye?
  6. I'll take these please Mark, can you post to Montrose please?
  7. I got mine from National Windscreens
  8. I'm not sure what style of wheel your after but Paul Wilkes is looking to sell his TH2 in 17x8. Or I bought my TH2 in 17x8 new from Compomotive for £800
  9. No longer looking.
  10. jeez, almost 2 years ago that was posted! I sold the car - bumpers still covered in paint!!
  11. i quite like them, huge dish!
  12. These still available?
  13. I got fed up waiting when I was looking for a set and when a set came up I didn't want to pay 2000+ for 2 seats. Good luck. I ended up buying an electric recaro interior and getting rear bench, 2 fronts and 4 door cards retrimmed for cheaper than 2 front seats.