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  1. Here's the car as it stands now. All the metal work is complete, running gear all installed with new bushes, engine is in and running but has electrical issues which are currently getting looked at. Car requires mapped and painted then assembled after paint. I've blown my budget so will probably bring it home to store it or will sell it for 19000 now with collection from Exeter.
  2. Will the edition 1 be for sale or are you keeping it? For me it would be a UR Quattro, such an icon of a car.
  3. All on FB rallye page
  4. Try these guys https://www.gladen-motorsport.de/en/
  5. A proper job been done, metal work complete. Quality workmanship, looks like a Rallye again
  6. Got fed up posting all over the globe with zip replies so sold the wheels.
  7. Simeon, decent rant but I need to correct you that when your in your 30's your not an old man. I'm closer to 50 than 40 and still class myself as yoof! I can relate to what you say and unfortunately I'm on FB but only for the car parts and such, but i find myself getting wound up most of the time. Cnts cant help themselves. An example, a guy had a lovely set of RM for sale at a decent price. First 2 comments - FFS budget tyres, blah blah. Next one - poverty spec wheels. I really dislike it but that's where 99% of cars and parts are for sale these days. Yes, shame Dubforce is quiet now, was a great forum years ago. I still like a post or 2 to let folk know what a state of a car I bought and how it's coming back to life, not sure who reads it but none the less i still like to contribute to the forum. Can't you find more storage, you know that if you sell up, it's only a matter of time before your looking again!
  8. no longer looking, sold the wheels
  9. Replace the term "a lot of extra work" with a "fucking massive amount of extra work" and were still not close. Disappointed it wont make the 30th anniversary but hey ho, cars been a disappointment since I bought it. On the up side, it will be minted once finished and no need to rush.
  10. I wont be ready for the show.
  11. Slam panel? Did you find one? I know someone who has a spare but not sure he will sell it. I can ask?