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  1. Yes we swapped em and the problem infected his car so I'm pretty sure that's the issue only issue I have now is a slight misfire on cold start but soorts itself out. Once at running temp it hunts on idle so I'm thinking that mite be a sticky isv so I'm gonna clean it up and see what happen
  2. Hello all, needed some help. Bought a car of a mate, misfiring and over feuling, running on 2 cylinders, went through all the usual issues and everything is on point, borrowed a mate ECU and bang all is running OK, So I was wondering if anyone might have an ECU lying about, also has this happened to anyone else and is the ECU repairable Thanks in advance
  3. This one has sold to a good mate of mine
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a golf gti g60, in any condition, restored, needs restoring or an unfinished project. PM me. Thanks
  5. Sorry mate for the late reply, the company is called di-natek, based in barking, essex, you wanna speak to Arj,his number is 07944 695 225. They specialize in g60s. Got mine back just before christmas n im very ocd about my car but they exceeded my expectation. They are not cheap but the quality of the metal work and paint is as near to perfection as it can get. Iv been to alot of bodyshops n for the first time i can say i am totally happy with the work and will be sticking with them. I will put up a small biuld thread when i get time. And yes if your looking for a g60 Arj might be able to help
  6. The bodyshop i use in essex has restored a number genuine g60s. I will ask them as i recall the last few were going up for sale. Pm me a your spec n i will find out.
  7. Yup he is helpful and he knows his stuff! Was difficult to find him. Hes a well kept secret amongst all the people that use him like yourself. Im based in oxon at the moment and Herj is based in essex So i cant get there as much as i would like to but He has offered to picture all the work being done so i might start that biuld thread soon. Good luck with the rest of the biuld mate and will be on touch when mine is done
  8. Wow. An excellent biuld so far.i just bought a g60 not too long ago. Engine has been overhauled however bodywork is abit tatty Its at di-natek getting alot of welding done and a repaint. Cant wait to get it back
  9. Seems like there arent any that need restoring so im looking for one in good condition. Let me know guys
  10. Hi, im looking for a project golf g60. Doesnt have to be in the best of condition As long as it drives Am happy to buy one with no alloys and no interior. As long as i can get a seat in it. I know the chances are slim but worth a try