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  1. fazzrallye

    wanted ecu g60

    In need of working g60 ecu thanks
  2. fazzrallye


    Have anothet battery on its charging at 13.8v. The temp bsttrty is 40amp not 63amp until I get replacement. Alternator is charging. I'll get ecu tested and new battety
  3. fazzrallye


    Car is over fuelling badly. Car was perfectly fine. Battery died so had to jump start couple times. Troubleshooting so far. tdc ok 1m hose ok new leads new plugs new fpr car still over fueling flooding cylinders Lamba disconnected no change Cts off car cuts outm any ideas. Have had a few on face book page but other recommendations welcome. next oil pump and re time even though car tdc
  4. fazzrallye

    G60 ECU - What are Blown injector drive symptoms?

    i had this problem, caused by a bad earth. my car was not starting at all, went thru everything, in the end gave to james littler at dubforce tuning and he found the fault in my wiring. i blew 6 ecus. not repairable acording to james. and yes the ecu will not send a pulse to the injectors to fire
  5. You can get poly bushes black series strut tops and same rear beam poly bushes add a strut brace and you.cornering on rails. But front will need atttention as well.for overall ride
  6. fazzrallye

    help and advice needed please rallye playing up!!!

    If u live in South then james littler dub force tuning the man to see. Petersfield A3
  7. fazzrallye

    Wanted Rallye rear strut brace

    Look edition forum saw one on their for £80
  8. fazzrallye

    Wanted: Rallye parts

    My advice buy a complete car and start from there. To get parts gonna cost you a fortune for rallye specific
  9. fazzrallye

    Rallye wanted!

    There's 2 on ebay There's 2 on ebay
  10. I have but not till next week. Injectors new bought From bbm and fpr new from bbm as well. I'll pm you next week if you dont get sorted.
  11. fazzrallye

    Rallye headlights and indicator issues! Help needed!

    Lights are rubbish nirmal. Best to get xenon upgrade. Or go matey matey website theres a loom fix to get voltage up
  12. fazzrallye

    G60 not starting

    James.sorted mine out. Should have gone to.him 2 year ago myself. Can't fault james
  13. No longer listed but it was first line cables. Sorry . Use above product code.
  14. fazzrallye

    G60 not starting

    Petersfield just go down A3
  15. just searched no longer sell. first line cable ybcaruk sold them. they still on ebay worth phoning them. product code FKB2670