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  1. Hi! You have for sale full site diavia retro-fit the climate control set AC installation LHD MK2?

  2. Ive got one, not sure what it is worth though. Any ideas?
  3.   Cheers for your help! I will definitely get a copy of Vagcat
  4. Hi, Im after the part number for the o ring seals that are on the 2 oil ways and the output from the box to the transfer? Can anyone with Etka do a quick check for me?
  5. Sorry, its not worth me selling the door cards for £50.
  6. Hi,   I have some Edition 1 interior components that are no longer needed.   Door cards   All in good condition, 1 rear has a small cut out in it.   Price: £200 collected                           Rear bench   Back half of bench is in great condition, lower half has cigarette burns. Good as a doner for existing bench or as a replacement for one in bad condition. The fabric may also be of use for repairing other seats?   Price: £120 collected                                 Collection from near Havant, Hampshire.   I would do a deal on the rear bench and door cards.   Message me with any questions.   Cheers.                          
  7. What did the E50's go for if you dont mind me asking?   I have some roanals that are similar (slightly different design with concave face) to yours but 5x112. They are 20 hole 15" ones. I was hoping to source some e50 16 or 17" lips/barrels. Do you know if they will fit my centres?     I had the same problem with offset so I modified some mk5 golf wheel hubs to fit the mk2 carriers then found some discs with the correct offset to make it work.
  8. I saw this breifly when i was last with james at df tuning. Was wondering whos it was. What did you do with the E50's in the end? What pcd are your new ronals?
  9. I will listen to serious offers on this  - Try me!
  10. Hi, where are you based? I have one, not in fantastic condition but is still very useable. Let me know if your interested.