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  1. Plane


    Same as Mike, haven't been on here in a long time. Used to be one of my frequent places to watch the classifieds......
  2. Classic parts are doing them I think and also the VWM ones, so are werk34 for little over €50. https://www.werk34.de/ Werk34 ship to Ireland so UK obviously won't be a problem either.
  3. I need to replace the boost hoses in my Rallye. Does anyone have any they want to part with before I buy from eBay.de? i need the 3 main ones: charger to I/C, I/C to pipe and pipe to throttle body. They must be black silicone. Or where is recommended to buy from? Many thanks, Paul
  4. Parcel was delivered to the address on Friday and I collected it last nights. All parts present and well packed. So well packed I think you've missed you calling, Santa could do with a wrapper like you this time of year :santa2:   Pleasure dealing with you Manny. 
  5. Sorry for the late reply guys, been a mental few days. Yes the job lot and Cnc piece please for £20. Send me On your Paypal address so. Paudie I've a parcel motel account and that's what planned using. I'm easy if it goes to you or me. I'm sure well meet in the next month or so.
  6. Hi, same as Paudie. I can't PM you. I'll take the CO2 pot pipe with black hosing and the job lot of joiners and pipe please. Do You have any if the 90 deg in black? If you do I'll take 2. Also a price for UK postage (Northern Ireland). I know Paudie, so if one package is handy and Paudies happy I'm easy. What material are the flanges?
  7. It makes a big difference to airflow. They are plastic on an 8v. However much s difference they make are they necessary? Probably not but I want something there as airflow will travel around the rad far easier, airflow is a funny thing and reroutes easily. I might ask this guy, might do them if enough were interested? He makes rad card and very well, identical replicas on the mki. http://www.golfgtisportline.com/index.php/shop/
  8. Is it just a case of remove it and hide the wiring? Removing and blanking the isv, the ecu's ok with it?
  9. DaveC told me to drill a 3mm ( I think) hole in the butterfly an it will idle correctly without the ISV.  He's one man's opinion I suncerely trust too.    "If it were me, I'd discontinue the ISV and blank it off. Drill a 3m hole in butterfly in TB and your idle will be fine. You can loose boost through these."
  10. Ok firstly I figured I'd never own a G60 so I never read up or even paid much attention to their technical detail what so ever. So I now find myself with one and I need to tidy the engine and the whole car for that matter. I've been googling for a while and find varying opinions. It had a twin intake which had the filter over the gearbox, I've removed and blanked that. Used a KF50 blank which is a perfect fit. Have 10 if anyone wants one (free +postage). Now, the cars ran very little and I've always been in it but today while checking some wiring I was testing the alternator with the c