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  • Wheels 1991 Golf G60.
  1. h4rdy

    Golf G60 Grill Badge

  2. I bought for my G60 which I no longer have. I will get some pics up. It was advertised for a GTD but I am led to believe they are the same. Anyway the Plastic Shroud is as rare as rocking horse shit and is either broke or missing. What I paid £100+p&p. J
  3. I gave him the oppo to send it back to me so...................... MurphG60! Its sad but it was sent in error by him not me and cost me more postage. I tried to get money from Paypal but I Gifted it. Don't do this if the seller can't except the fees, his problem don't buy it you have no comeback. So sad he seemed like a nice chap as well until he started shouting at me!
  4. It's well past 25th now for refund! So be warned everyone its only £30 but be warned its kinda worse because you expect such a small amount to be returned. J Name and shame?
  5. For £250 I would be paying a visit with some friends! If you pay using 'gift' you can't get your money back so avoiding a little fee costs dearly. Not bothered about the money now I just think its all very sad that people do this along with stealing badges at shows to put on eBay. These people say they are enthusiasts, NO they are not, if they were enthusiasts you would not do unto others what you do not want done to you! These people are the first to complain when it happens to them. Thats now why G60 Golf badges, when you can find them, are over £100! H
  6. I will hopefully have a new project by the end of the week which I will share with you all...................................?
  7. All you lovely people have convinced me to stay!
  8. Maybe if he sees this he may come clean. I was on nights and had wound myself up about it so I won't be leaving just a knee jerk! I remembered I also bought a few bits with a good result. It actually would not be difficult to work out who it was if you know how to use forums..................................? H
  9. Yep your right probably no need to be silly and jack the forum in. I have bought a few things off here too with the right result. Knee jerk pissed offness! It is only £30, now I sound like a complete muppet as £30 is a lot to some people including me. H I didn't put muppet!
  10. Depends on how many people ask on the name and shame thing. Not into that to be honest! I wouldn't have minded but when he started barking at me I lost it.................!
  11. I bought an item off this very forum after somebody messaged me to tell me he had what I wanted. He sent me the item no problem but it was the wrong size. So he said no problem send it back and I will refund you. No refund and after several unanswered PMs I email him direct because I have his email address from the Paypal payment. After he pleads poverty, lost job etc etc I am told to stop 'freaking out' over £30! Its not the money its the fliping principal of being stung. I hope his ruddy Supercharger blows up as what goes around comes around. He will pay me on the 25th July, this was middle of June, I don't know anybody who gets paid on a Sunday! So I am nice and give him the benefit of the doubt and ask him to send the item back and I will sell it on eBay. Nothing and now unanswered emails. So do you know what he can do with the £30 and the item? Stick it up his goddam bum thats what! Be warned everybody not everybody is honest be very careful what and who you buy off. There is no comeback! I suggest you all stick to eBay unless you know the person or he is well rated on here and known. Goodbye Dubforce I won't be back! Well and truly burnt fingers. H4RDY.
  12. Will it fit non rallye? Very interested but the price is too high. if you decide to drop let me know.
  13. Hi, I don't want to buy a tensioner top from Jabba as they are expensive so does anybody know the belt length for a 68mm pulley. And a part number maybe so I can buy it from a bearing/belt company? My car (Golf G60) has Air Con as well. Thanks.
  14. If its for Golf I am interested? PM me.
  15. h4rdy

    RM Refurb on the cheap!

    Just been quoted £35 per wheel to powder coat in Matt Black?