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  1. G60MATT

    G60 vs 1.8T

    After driving both I would say that the G60 engine matches the MK1 much better than the 20vt, the G60 is more driveable with the more responsive throttle due to the charger but if your wanting power figures then you'd have to go for the 20vt as it will always make more power and for much less money than tuning the G60. I'd run the G60 around 200bhp pushing them much higher starts to make them into and engine that needs to be revved which is what the 20vt is much better for
  2. G60MATT

    02A gearchange problems

    This could be a shift cable, shift turret, gear oil or internal selector issue, if you disconnect the cables from the turret is the stiffness in the turret/box or the stick/cable end?
  3. G60MATT

    G60 needs new crank!!!!!!!

    Make sure your using the MK1 GTI bottom pulley bolt and washer instead of the stock G60 one, this prevents this problem from happening in the first place. The part numbers are in the "useful part numbers" thread that's pinned to the top of the forum
  4. G60MATT

    MK1 16V G60 BRACKETS

    The BBM kit works fine on the Mk1, that's the kit I used when I built my mk1 16vG60. Not sure how available the kits are from them these days though
  5. G60MATT

    20vT Dax Rush

    Got the Intercooler mounted last week i hope it's big enough because it fills the entire nose 😂
  6. G60MATT

    20vT Dax Rush

    I've been looking for it for about 5 weeks now and so now I've found my Newsouth Performance Phenolic inlet manifold gasket I thought I'd fit it straight away before it goes missing again!
  7. G60MATT

    20vT Dax Rush

    Got some time in the garage today to trial fit some parts and work out what needs modifying, replacing, custom building etc and came up with just a small list.....
  8. G60MATT

    Audi quattro S1 E2

    I'm hearing lots of automotive porn words like Carbon fibre, titanium and Kevlar. Are the others like Inconnel, magnesium and ceramic going to feature later on in this thread ;-) Awesome work by the way
  9. G60MATT

    20vT Dax Rush

    Hard to say, I think Kenny started the latest phase of his Rallye after I started building this so unless we're counting from when he started building it the last time I think I'm still winning!! Somehow I managed to find enough time to get some parts fitted to the Rush's engine this weekend, has also helped clear some boxes out of the increasingly cluttered garage. Got the ceramic coated exhaust and inlet manifolds fitted along with the alternator and belt tensioner, would have also fitted the freshly painted throttle body but I've managed to lose the bolts that fix it to the manifold!!
  10. G60MATT

    20vT Dax Rush

    Next the inlet manifold went away for ceramic coating to help keep the engine bay heat out of the intake charge At the same time the exhaust manifold was coated both inside and out And I've also sourced a twin-pass intercooler to cram into the nose-cone
  11. G60MATT

    20vT Dax Rush

    Wowsers! Nearly 3 years since my last update!! Didn't think it had been long but been very busy at work, short of cash and to top it all off had a baby girl about 9 weeks ago so haven't really had time to touch the car but have a few new bits to go on the car when I get some free time. For now I only have pictures of the new manifold. The old one was fine but the throttle body flange was on a bit of a bad angle aiming straight towards the upper chassis rail So I've swapped it out for the much rarer unit used on the Polo GTI and Seat Ibiza Cupra Which gives the throttle body a much better angle towards the front of the car and ultimately the intercooler.
  12. I've had issues with high crankcase pressure on PD engines before where it has been the turbo causing the issue!! but this was on the 2.0L 16v diesels not the 8v. I was on a TPI bullitin from VW when I was at the dealers. They over pressured so much that the engine wouldn't start unless the oil cap was removed!!   Never really got an explanation of why or how the turbo could do this though!   Other causes could be worn piston rings or the breather itself being blocked.
  13. Do you still have this for sale or has it gone?
  14. G60MATT

    20vT Dax Rush

    Got some more done this week after work and today......... and now sits almost spot on, just needs some trimming and shaping :-D  
  15. G60MATT

    20vT Dax Rush

    Rally spec gearbox mount landed yesterday and the brake discs have been ordered too ;-)