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  • Wheels Jetta syncro 20vt
  1. conor

    Rallye prices

    I would really love a Rallye, But the thought of having a front end collision and trying to source a bumper, front panel, headlights or wings would make me scared to drive it. If there were aftermarket versions of these parts available then I wouldn't mind so much.
  2. WANTED:   I am looking for a set of kmh clocks from a  golf g60/Rallye. No euro gti clocks, Must be g60 clocks as I am using it in a boosted car and want the mfa mpg to be somewhat accurate.   I can pay via paypal,    Thanks.
  3. I will probably get a bespoke one made, but I am just posting this wanted ad on the off chance that someone may have a syncro exhaust system to part with!
  4. conor

    rallye/g60 syncro decat

    bump still wanted
  5. These hunting issues are awkward on a G60 because it can be so many things that cause it. I had this problem for ages with mine, In the end I swapped to a different throttle body and it solved the problem.   BTW is the ecu standard?
  6. conor

    What chip is this?

    The part number comes back as a corrado part number. However I think those 27256 eproms are erasable so there is a possibility that a non standard map could've been flashed onto it?
  7. I am looking for a decat to fit to a rallye downpipe, i noticed the Audi TT style look quite similar, will the two flanges connect to the downpipe collector? Has anyone tried this before??   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Audi-S3-1999-2003-Stainless-Steel-Non-silenced-Exhaust-Down-pipe-Decat-de-cat-/191519387723?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&fits=Car+Make%3AAudi%7CModel%3ATT&hash=item2c9771f04b
  8. Anybody have a compete set of jetta gti doorcards? The grey velour type.
  9. I need it posted to Ireland, can pay via paypal.
  10. conor

    Gilders Motorsport Rallye

    Compression across the cylinders is good and high anyway. I reckon bring the car to a rolling road specialist that knows how to tweak an emerald ECU. Do you know how much boost the supercharger is producing?
  11. I am looking for a g60 throttle body in good working order. Posted to ireland.   Thanks.
  12. conor

    Gilders Motorsport Rallye

    very interesting! This is car is running after market engine management am I correct? It could need to be set up correctly, hence the low figures. it would also be worthwhile to do a compression test.
  13. WANTED: Anyone have a reasonably priced g60 rocker cover that they could post to me in Ireland?!
  14. Awesome build, very impressed.
  15. Various turbo parts: garrett T3, 8v manifold, oil lines, flanges, ur quattro downpipe       Garrett T25/T28 Outlet flange: Never used. – £10             Garrett T3 swing gate style outlet flange, 2.5” V-band outlet with fittings to weld on to pipe. Brand new in box. – £50                 Garrett T3 turbo. Oil Cooled. Off a Saab 900 turbo. Turbo appears to be in good condition, minimal play in the shaft. Hairline crack in the cast iron housing. Happens to all these turbos and is not an issue. Includes the original swing gate turbo outlet. Three of the studs need drilling out on the outlet as they have sheared. – £75                     VW 8v Turbo manifold with T3 flange. Never used, would suit mk1 golf 8v such as g60 or turbo diesel. – £80                 Garrett T3 oil feed and return fittings, never used. Braided oil feed with Banjo one end and a 4an fitting to the turbo adapter flange. Barbed outlet for exiting oil. - £30                 Ur Quattro downpipe, slight flat spot where it hit the ground during hard driving, but otherwise in good condition:       £30     I am located in Ireland, I can post to the UK.