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  1. Hi Nas, thanks for the comments - yeah, I'm changing the internals for INT Eng rods and JE pistons which are rated for over 400bhp so should be ok. Thanks again
  2. Hi, I'm building a 16vt at the mo, currently got a k24 turbo, but I'm doubting it will make the figures I'm looking for (350ish+) Would a k27 be too big? I believe they are good for 450+ which will be ample, the internals should be able strong enough so I'm just worried about lag etc. Would I be better getting the k24 tweaked? Any thoughts very welcome ;)
  3. Hi, Going down a slightly different route on my 16v turbo project so got these bits up for sale: Audi S2 pistons x4 £100 Audi S2 conrods x4 £120 Audi S2 exhaust manifold - uncut (so still has the 5th runner on it) does have 2 cracks in it, one is on the join for the 5th runner which you'll be cutting off anyhow, the other is on the 1st runner it won't cost much to get fixed when you get the 5th runner welded £60 KKK K24 turbo - no play or float, £120 downpipe for K24 turbo to fit mk2 golf 3" with 2x lambda bosses. It's a bit rough, was going to be a mock up for a tidier v
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    Hey everyone!! My name's Jon and I'm a life long Dubber from Gloucester. Had 4 mk2 golfs (1 driver, 2 gti's and 1 16v) and currently have a lupo as a daily and a 16v as a project - which is why I'm here ;) It's an '87 16v lhd model that a friend from Italy brought over - had been a run around for a millionaire before he got it so it was mint but got left standing around for a few years before i got my hands on it. It's all in good condition - the shell is nice, especially as it doesn't have a sunroof and everything mechanical is pretty solid but I took it off the road about a year ago to u
  5. Hi everybody! ;) So I'm currently in the middle of getting stuff together for a 16v turbo build. The stuff I currently have is: 16v engine S2 pistons, rods, turbo manifold and K24 turbo S3 inlet manifold 50mm 16v inlet manifold (soon to be welded to the S3) ABF throttle body lupo coil pack ARP bolts/rods need to get the piston rings, management plus all the other stuff (piping, intercooler etc etc etc) the main thing I'm wondering about at the moment is the turbo manifold, turbo and downpipe. I need to get the S2 manifold cut and welded (5th runner chopped and weld a crack in it