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  1. You could have one shipped from the states . All mk2's were bonded screens as standard . £££ :/
  2. So maybe his issue is that it's detecting knock too soon as he's only reaching 6 psi and no where near the max of the map sensor yet. Poss can timing issues / valve overlap, or head gasket issues between cylinders . Think he needs to determine that it is bleeding boost off and then go and chase the knock issue.
  3. Hi James . Yes that's a nice touch. Surely the ignition timing retard feature backs of until knock is controlled ? Or is this how digi lag is avoided.
  4. Hi James . Yep defo re rivet them . The dash is double layered so no worries there lol. I'm a huge fan of digifiz :)
  5. Or recirculate the isv back into your boost circuit. Then youll have no leak at all . The purpose of the isv bleed off was to soften the boost just before the rev limiter.
  6. That's an early scroll . 6 port rallye 89/91
  7. Hi fella. It would involve a lot of work to have it ee skimmed . Not impossible but you'll need to have the apex stip channels deepens as well other wise your seals would stand too proud. Other things to consider is that the exhaust/exit side will now be closer to the centre which means your main shaft will be now running off its worn bearing faces etc . Looks as if the scroll bearing was worn severely . Has it been changed ?. I would def be looking out for a scroll at the very least.
  8. golf rallye 4 branch. item n.o #250774810000
  9. golf rallye 4 branch. item n.o #250774810000
  10. Have you upgraded your engine and gearbox mounts thus reducing exhaust movement. Also brace bottom of manifold to block.
  11. Hi dude. U/L basicly stands for un laden(basicly no people/luggage and a full tank of fuel)
  12. hello fella.basic problem DETANATION you have to resolve it.forget a compression test run a cylinder leakage test could be blowing between cylinders. also what depleates octane is the burning of oil in the combustion cycle poss valve stem or oil scraper ring issue, this does reduce your octane rating.what is the actual compression ratio have you calculated it . also if it is high you can bring it down dynamicaly with aggresive cam duration. hope this may be of some help but realy fella it cant be tuned without these fundlementals corrected no matter how good a tuner they are.
  13. WOW those rims fit perfectly are they rs003 with et 25 and did you use any spacers.cheers matt
  14. cosslett

    blown G60

    i had a simular expierence with a 2.0l sharan once every 3 months or so the ignition timing pulley would be out of time and once the cam timing also .all woodrufs were ok and it allready had every pulley and belt /tensioner replaced. since replacing the oil pump weve not seen this car back yet!!
  15. try the audi 80 abk 2.0 digifant one fella;youll be quite pleased.