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  1. chuck

    Rallye ECU Blown

    Cheers for the Feedback. I spoke to Vince up at Stealth racing and he said that i should pretty much be able to mix and match between ecu's that have come from a g60 engine as long as i change over the EPROM chip. So this morning i went to the garage and did just that. Car started first time. I dont have A/C on it though, so should be fine with that. I'm not going to be able to actually run the car for a while until a few bits have been changed over - it needs a bit of love. So will have to check on the boost when done. Fingers crossed all will be alright. I'll probabl
  2. Hi All, I have an issue with my Rallye. Its been sat doing not a lot for well over 6 months whilst i've been waiting for replacement charger and various other things. These are now all sorted, but it turns out that the ECU is blown. The car wouldn't start, but the mechanic stuck my friends ECU in ( also a rallye ) and the car fired up first time... I've got hold of another ECU from a G60, but the numbers on the ECU are slightly different. My original one is 037 906 022 B The new one is 037 906 022 EG Mine is a '89 and apparently the new one is from a '90
  3. hi yes i edited it after realizing it read inclusive. sorry for the mixup anyhow my golf with the twinscrew getting mapped @ stealth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en24V-NxaQ0 if you want to make an offer for anything cheers
  4. you will need new chip in your ecu generic or mapped to take advantage of extra boost and you will need to make gaskets and do a bit off pipework and wiring when relocating battery / airbox / things essentially the charger bolts on where the g-lader goes and a bit of common sense fits the rest the silencer kit is just two phat aluminum pipes they look good not very quiet at all sensible offers cheers
  5. i have the two main pipes off the silencer kit one from charger to manifold that the MAF sits in and one from charger to airbox. i would prefer to sell it all together as it compliments the charger i got the kit off bbm usa for about 400 shipped two useable aluminum pipes, looks good, no quieter at all cheers
  6. bbm twinscrew compressor supercharger http://www.bahnbrenner.com/vw_audi/products/603/BBM_G60_Supercharger_Kit sold unit is in jersey channel islands looking for a £1000.ono for the charger you can just bolt it on and put a generic chip in your ecu i also have fully refurbished g60 ecu + chip mapped to 1.9 engine, 1H block, gas flowed manifold + head, redtop injectors. a new maf sensor and silencer piping that doesn't do much silencing but looks good and lets you mount throttle body before charger £300.ono contact me for more info wilson
  7. Thanks for all the replies guys, i could get my box rebuilt but thought it would be easier to throw another one in. Any news on the box type Nas?
  8. nas - is the gearbox with or without oilways?
  9. Someone must have one kicking around am getting desperate rallye is stuck on ramp at the garage, Help please...... :rolleyes:
  10. Hi guys i am in need of a rallye gearbox, let me know what you have. Best regards
  11. Hi all well its time for a big sort out and i have a few parts for sale that are now surplus to requirements. Rallye front end complete £280 RH rallye wing £100. LH rallye wing £100. Rallye interior £400 (a small nick in the rear bench and the drivers RHS bolster has come unstitched) Rallye doorcards £200 Good condition Rallye front bumper complete £300 Rallye rear bumper £275 All the parts are located in Jersey i may be able to sort out a courier i will try and get some pics up any other info please pm me. If i find anything else i will add it. Cheers guys
  12. cheers thankyou for your help
  13. Hey guys, wondering if anyone has seen this belt conversion before..... I bought this second hand and have no info on it. The plastic pullies (i think) are the originals. Are there different size plastic pullies, or will I need alonger belt, as the tensioner looks too squashed!! Thanks
  14. Inbox sorted :whistling: I will be at the garage tomorrow to start stripping the car and taking photos so will add them tomorrow tonight. Think i will grab a space heater first though its bloody freezing lol I think i have replied to everyone if not please shout......