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  1. highpp02

    ABS delete

    You'll need a servo also with the extended clevis . if you look in the brakes and braking section theres a good write up with part numbers. Guy
  2. Has there been any info on these yet?
  3. Id go through the setting up your 16v thread thats on clubgti. also check your earths. mine was playing up recently and i went through the steps in the thread, cleaned everything and it sorted it out
  4. Both my rallyes have the thicker rear spoiler and both my valvers have the thinner spoiler as I mentioned earlier, that being said I'd imagine if you could find one sale its going to have rallye tax added to the price. unless your aiming for 100% oem , there are probably very few people who would know the difference as its only visible from the rear. And if its a g60 most people would have left you for dust so they wont notice either! Lol
  5. Yes, for the full benefit its probably best to do both. the front is an outright replacement while the rear attaches to the rear of the rear beam, so I have 2 arb's on the back. hence the need to cut and reweld the the backbox.
  6. I have the neuspeed kit on my valver which is a similiar design to the eibach arb's. I can't comment on them being worth the money as they were on the car when I got it. That being said they do make a noticeable difference over the standard ones but I imagine half of that Is because there not 24 years old. Im also running coilovers and the cars fully poly bushed, it rides like a go cart! its also worth mentioning that I had to modify my jetex backbox as it knocked on thr rear arb. As for the differences in your links, my guess is the heritage pic is an actual picture of the product and the other is a random file image of an arb.
  7. As in material thickness gti spoiler is approximately 18mm and the rallye is 25mm
  8. Not meaning to tread on anyones toes here but you could make one couple of quid...........with change.
  9. Do these actually exist? Had to ask!
  10. That ka looks bad ass with those headlight eyelashes! will you be using the similar trinkets to jazz up the rallye? nice work by the way!
  11. My god! And i thought i was chop happy Im guessing you didnt cut the floor out I think remember this on ebay a couple of years ago What are you going to do , rear engine or replace the floor? either way you've got your work cut out for you No pun intended!
  12. Thats coming along nicely. A carbon roof would look very nice with that cage
  13. My step brother worked in west africa about ten years ago, I think he managed 8 trips before pleading with his company to transfer elsewhere, he ended up back in the midde east where he still works. That said you can find trouble everywhere in the world nowadays, so I wouldn't be put off. And as you said, more money and time off plus your getting your hands dirty, which by the sound of it, is what you want. Guy
  14. Nice to see this coming along, will you be changing the colour ? Guy