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  1. Why not keep the 16vt and fit a staged NOS kit so it helps the turbo, you get crazy power and can switch off when you don't need it - plus not too pricey ?
  2. Wow great work and a good solid car waiting for you !!
  3. It seems the fuses on a mk2 golf changed around August 1989 so anyone know the fuse number that controls the dash pod and in particular the fuel gauge without cutting out the fuel pump so the car still runs Thanks Dave
  4. Looking for the threaded pushrods that connects a golf servo to the pedal arm , I have the pin and locking clip so just the arm I need Thanks Dave
  5.   Mate well found thats awesome - I will have a go at resetting my plunger and fingers crossed that will be it - thanks god for Dubforce - there is always someone where to help as I had looked and didn't find that link - very well written and helpful.   Cheers    One problem fixed now onto the next one !!
  6. thanks guys - i can add a spacer but its quite a big gap and the fact i haven't changed the pedal box I cant see why there should be such a big gap ..............
  7. I have been running my Porsche Boxster S set up now for a while with the ABS binned and running the standard 9" servo on rallye bulkhead bracket.   In order for the brake pedal to sit high enough to activate the brake switch it is now sitting much higher than the clutch and throttle pedal either side which I know is not right but the brakes operate perfectly.   if I adjust the rod on the pedal to lower it inline with the others it moves off the brake light switch and the brake lights are then on permenantly which is not right.   Can anyone post up some pics of their Rallye pedal box showing how the brake pedal sits in relation to the brake light switch above as maybe I have lost a spacer or bracket during my rebuild......   Thanks in advance as this is one of the last little annoying issues left to resolve.    
  8. Hi mate   I think I have  a honeycombed drilled lower airbox with K&N panel filter but think I only have the SWG twin feed lid but minus the hoses as I am already using them on my twin cone kit if any good..    http://www.swgmotorsport.com/asps/ShowDetails.asp?id=172   Cheers   Dave
  9. That looks like a clean Rallye and bog standard - you will need to pay serious money for a genuine clean car as I must have spent about £30k on mine over the last 13 years and when they go wrong parts are hard to come by and arent cheap.   I was thinking of selling mine but most people don't want to pay good money and mine is HEAVILY modified !!   Happy hunting
  10. Aiming to take the Rallye to Edition 38 on the saturday for its first outing in 5 years !!
  11. I have one spare weekend to get the blown manifold gasket sorted so weather permitting I will do my very best to get the Rallye to its first show in 4 years !!
  12. Cool thanks guys I thought 6-700 was a bit crazy !!
  13. Anyone have any idea what these sell for as I have a set in my garage loft which I'm thinking of selling to free up some funds as really need to get the Rallye back on the road - think they are clear with seals and fittings although never actually fitted them .......   Might stick them on here or fleabay but no idea on price as you see some crazy figures floating about ....
  14. I think after a little dust it will be beautiful .................
  15. daveyoungs

    LWS Designs

    Rossi is using them I believe for some parts for his Drag Jetta - they bought most of the moulds from performance trim and if you follow them on facebook the quality of the stuff looks spot on - same as performance trim - been looking at some bits myself for the Rallye.