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  1. I know the car, I know who used to own it before it got ruined. I also work with the bloke who painted it. The lad who owns it now and his dad painted it on his drive originally it got bumped after this and came into work. We ended up painting the whole car again. The paint it is painted in is no longer available now either so any damage and the whole thing would need painting again/ Last time I saw it it didn't run too well about the only redeeming feature is it has got factory option Recaros.
  2. Looking good mate, keep up the good work and at least someone isn't building a bad copy of your car either.
  3. Yeah deffo need to catch up soon. Don't mind the ABF to be honest it's not as quick as Golf is but it goes well enough and it only uses the same amount of juice as the Polo of dreams too lol.
  4. Just started having a mess around with the rear undertray off the VR for a start to get my eye in with the carbon fibre before I start doing the more I would say obvious but your going to have to really look to see all the outside bits. Build thread may well be getting resurrected soon too :ph34r: Been well busy and saving up for redoing the VR hence why I haven't been to dub pres for ages. Mk2 looks to be coming on well How you keeping?
  5. What pistons you using Bob? or you are going running a decompression plate?
  6. dunc


    Not so really a car but I have always regretted selling the mint ultra violet electric Recaro interior out of my old mk2 had rear headrests too and haven't seen another set for sensible money since.
  7. The Polo is being used as kind of a devolpment mule for a couple of things ;) . The Golf is still in one piece and untouched at the minute if your thinking I've already started on it. Lot of things to sort before I start on it too but like you I'm on a bit of a mission with it now :ph34r:
  8. Right time for a bit of an update been a bit busy with a couple of other things recently so progress has been a bit slow. Started by welding up the washer jet holes in the bonnet. Set to stripping the car down and getting all the glass out etc got the front bumper off and discovered this. Wings were also a bit scabby round the arch lips and the rear valance had the obligatory battering from the previous owners so got new replacements. Apart from that fabricated and welded on an extension for the front of the bonnet, repaired some damage to the roof and fitted one of the new wings so at present it's looking like this. Oh and started on having a bit of a tinker about with the door handles too. Got a clear run on it now though so progress should hopefully speed up a bit but that's about all for the minute.
  9. Think I've sussed what your up to, all I can say is do it :D
  10. This is going to be epic next year if you do what you've told me this morning :)
  11. It's going to be my new daily when it's done Matt. Want something cheap to run that I can still happily rock to shows meets etc while I get the next stage of the Golf done which may take a while :ph34r:
  12. There has been some progress yes, updates coming tomorrow when I can be arsed to retrieve the camera out of the garage lol.
  13. Congrats on the new job mate. Going to have to bail on the trip to edition, long story will explain later
  14. yep unfortunately though only 1 is on the road at the minute :lol:
  15. Hello all. Some of you on here are probably aware of my Golf turned from boggo standard to this by myself. Any how leaving VAGfest at Santa Pod hit a pothole and one of the front dampers failed and lost all it's oil so the Golf is currently out of action pending me doing a few more bits to it. In the meantime I've picked this up a couple of weeks ago as a bit of a budget project to help relieve boredom a bit. 1.6 8v rear arches a bit crusty as are the lamp panel seams. Apart from that interior is scabby and there are a few other issues to look at but it was too cheap to pass up tbf. Already been and got a 16v interior, wheels and adapters sorted, rear arch repair panels and new rear valance. Paint for the new colour scheme is sorted out too. Got quite a few plans for this before I'll be happy with it so watch this space ;)