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  • Wheels Bora TDi 110 Sport
  1. chrisr

    VAG Com owners...

    Can now do Cluster swaps, Auto windows, SKC retreval, Mileage corrections, Key coding, Alarm beeps, 1 Touch unlock, Anti hijack, Fault finding & code clearing.
  2. chrisr

    New Section

    I have full registered version of Vag-com & can do - Anti hijack, 1 touch unlock, Alarm beeps, key coding, Fault finding & clearing, Cluster swaps, Aslo have Vag-tacho & can do - SKC retreval, Key coding, Mileage correction. Also have VDS Pro to do "Auto windows" Located in Middleton (near Manchester), If anyone needs any help just PM me
  3. chrisr

    Bora TDi

    It has made a difference, It feels more responsive, The main thing is the noise!! It sounds really nice as you srtart to come onto boost. The filter on the end is the Carbonio one same as this one http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=170329311256
  4. chrisr

    Bora TDi

    Now fited a Carbonio cold air intake & filter to it,
  5. chrisr


    Vid still works for me, You have to click on it though to take you to photobucket & then it will play
  6. chrisr

    carbonio induction kit

  7. chrisr


    Yeah its VDS you need, Ive got it working on my old lap top in MS Dos mode. Produces results like this though :whistling:
  8. chrisr

    Need to code a key

    Just near Manchester. Bit of a distance then really.
  9. chrisr

    Need to code a key

    Where abouts are you from? I can code keys with either vagcom or vagtacho if you can get one.
  10. chrisr

    Bora TDi

    After owning a previous Bora & then 2 Golf GTi's I finally had the chance to buy this Bora TDi that came into Work as a Part Exchange. Its a 110 TDi Sport, 71k with full history, 2 owners from new :D This is the day I got it. It didnt stay that way for long & the first thing i did was to change the Headunit to a Double Din DVD player I wasnt happy with the way it sat out so far from the Dash & I also wanted to get rid of the Horrible "Wood" effect, So i bought a Black standard radio cage from my local breakers & fitted it into that. This seemed to sit in better but I did have to do a bit of "Modification" to the cage but once it was all fitted back into my car it was ok Next I managed to get a set of RS 4 replicas for a good price. Then earlier the other week I picked up & fitted these A day later & I got hold of and fitted these Also fitted a stubby ariel Went to B&Q and Bought some Black Fablon & proceded to do the B posts in Black. Some pics of it from a bit of a distance I was bored on my dinner at work the other day so i thought i would give the engine a bit of a clean.
  11. chrisr

    Newbie from the Northwest

    Cheers for the welcome :D ive put some up in the proper section
  12. chrisr

    Newbie from the Northwest

    Not too much at the moment, Fitted 18" RS4 replica wheels, Aero wipers, Recaro interior, Double din DVD/CD player, Black B posts, Stubby ariel from a Toyota IQ
  13. chrisr

    VAG Com owners...

    think its actually VDS, its on a really old computer running through the serial port in ms dos
  14. Ive taken the interior out of my Bora TDi sport so I now have the seats & door cards for sale, They come with all Headrests, Air bags, & rear arm rest with centre seatbelt. Very slight wear on drivers outer seat bolster (only the fabric) I want £140 for them, Im in Middleton. My E-mail is chris_r45@Hotmail.co.uk pics available on request
  15. chrisr

    VAG Com owners...

    Middleton, Rochdale, Manchester areas, Full version & older version for "Auto windows" Also have Vag-Tacho aswell, Happy to help.