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  1. Nobody likes change mate, but if it's what we got to do to the forum going, then so be it.
  2. Buy a 3dr 1.8 carb synchro shell from Europe and convert it to RHD. Easiest solution, probably easier to find a less rotten shell too.
  3. He does but then he uses his contacts in the USA to get it chromed (better chroming than you get in Europe due the chemical laws)
  4. Mike the polisher in Glasgow. The best guy for this!
  5. Yeah that would be ace. Pm the price and postage you want for them
  6. Hi mark would you sell me your old front arch liners if your replacing them?
  7. This thread was longer overdue a proper update so here goes.......   I've been working away through the week for a year now so I decided that whilst away one thing I wanted to achieve was to get the shell painted.   So I did a lot of research on who to use, i settled on MW Bodyworks in Elvington near York. They came recommended by my friend Dunc who's brother had used them previously. The car arrived there at the end of September. They turned it round in 4 weeks. They specialise in Porsche and high end restorations, they didn't let me down with the Golf either. There service was excellent they even rang me to see if we had got home safe with the shell!   [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151023_121120_zpsuqy0knew.jpg.html][/URL]   Whilst it was away i sourced brand new genuine side trims all round with new clips. [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151031_151044_zpsq3vhoan6.jpg.html][/URL]   I was missing one of the rear g60 arches so bought one of those. [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151031_151107_zps8ourg4t1.jpg.html][/URL]   The underneath from being on the trailer was looking a bit dirty so i gave it a wipe down and polished the chrome. [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151031_171946_zpscxnb0w4o.jpg.html][/URL]   Started to fit some of the NOS parts I'd been hording [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151114_125054_zpsxtvjsrwl.jpg.html][/URL]   Removed the masking tape from the new genuine bumpers [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151114_125122_zps60gs0tz1.jpg.html][/URL]   Went and bought loads of new screws and clips from VW and had them chromed. [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151121_135627_zpshdlvftik.jpg.html][/URL]   Polished up my German post van boot trims and fitted those [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151121_135627_zpshdlvftik.jpg.html][/URL]   Rebuilt the tailgate and fitted grommets. [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151121_135724_zpsj5cnufit.jpg.html][/URL]   Stripped, chromed and rebuilt the rear tailgate lock and striker [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151121_135731_zpsdqqo41i3.jpg.html][/URL]   Event the ball joints for the gas struts got the chrome treatment. [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151121_135740_zpskb6rb3g2.jpg.html][/URL]   Fuel flap screws also got chromed [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151121_135841_zps86obuw6b.jpg.html][/URL]   Then bought a MK3 golf lighting loom, modified it (easy being an auto electrician by trade) to run on the inner wing and come out at the back of the front bumper. [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151128_170910_zpscemasac7.jpg.html][/URL]   Then mounted the genuine front wing and new g60 arch. [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151128_173551_zpszjbduee0.jpg.html][/URL]   Bought some Edition One side repeater blanks [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151205_120344_zpsdgbxb5yp.jpg.html][/URL]   Bought all new glass for it as it seemed pointless using 25 year old glass. Fitted them up with the help of the old man and my friend Andy. Dad and lad fitted it no problem took us back to when we used to work at Volvo Trucks together. [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/edited_20151205_151704_zpsprklhf5t.jpg.html][/URL]   Also had this lot chromed in the process. Fog light brackets anyone........ [url=http://s542.photobucket.com/user/thatsz/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151003_090921_zpsj6lmed7u.jpg.html][/URL]   Theres loads more small pieces done such as reviving the seals and back lights and fitting those.   Currently on with stripping and chroming the wiper linkages.
  8. Might as well do a little update on this. The car is at the body shop at moment so pics will follow soon!
  9. I'm in need of one, would like to see the quality of the finished product first. A VW dealership that specialises in restorations in Luxembourg has been remaking them too. Around 400 euros plus shipping.
  10. Jonk had that engine just been rebuilt and its first run?
  11. Yeah to pu it bluntly your screwed then, it also looks twisted?
  12. Can it not be re ground and oversized shells fitted?
  13. On Facebook people keep advertising new ones that are made in Brazil. Not sure on quality but most of the mk2 groups have people selling them!
  14. Yeah I have a compressor, water traps, gun etc. the only problem I have is extraction