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  1. Was just chatting to James about this mate, shame you're not able to complete as you've already done all the hard work. If I wasn't married I'd be selling the house I'm renovating and buying this!
  2. Back for my annual vist 😂 Only sold one of the cars as I found temporary free storage, but got to move them again end of Feb so back in the same old predicament.. In other news, had a kid (well, the wife did), still haven't finished renovating a dooer upper we bought 15 months ago to rent out, got bored of selling on ebay as too many idiots and not enough £1 listing weekends (ebay are on to me clearly), but my absolute only aim for 2020 is to get my Corrado G60 back on the road .. I'll update again hopefully before 2021 😂 What's everyone else been up to?
  3. I'd check/replace the o-ring on the idle screw on the throttle body first, then replace the blue sender (swapping to the black one isn't good enough to rule it out completely). ISV clean would also be a good idea
  4. Yeah looking for some storage / workshop, but problem is cost really as it makes a hobby really expensive when you're forking out each month just to put a roof over the cars. Best bet is to buy another house with a big garage and then rent the house out I guess, but for some reason developers over the years have focused more on the living space than the size of the garage !? 😂 I guess I should have a poke about on facebook if I'm needing to sell lots of bits, but always found it lacks any sort of organisation and 'threading' like you get on the forums, so unless someone sees your item in the first 5 minutes before it disappears off the bottom of the page I'm not sure how people are supposed to find stuff.
  5. Not been on here in ages, so I'm as guilty as anyone, but not being a facebook / instagram user I find the slow death of the forums such a shame [yes I know this has been covered many times before] Scrolling down the homepage on here and seeing pretty much nothing dated after 2017/18 genuinely made me feel sad Was just going through some of the how-to's too and most of the links / pics are dead, which is a massive shame as I learnt so much from forums over the years, there was such a wealth of knowledge that just seems to have been lost. I sell quite a few bits on ebay and the dumb ass questions I get asked everyday seems to prove that all anyone does these days is look at pretty pictures - I had a Jetta bench up for sale and got loads of questions; Yoof of today - "Will this straight fit in a Golf?" [no preamble, that would be too much strain on the fingers clearly] Me - "Hi, no it is a Jetta bench so would require mods to fit in a Golf, Cheers" Yoof - "Oh right, what would I have to do?" Seriously?! Firstly, who the hell has a Mk2 Golf and doesn't know the difference between Golfs and Jettas and secondly, why are people incapable of doing any research themselves!? Oh and yes I know I'm insulting everyone and their dog by writing 'Yoof', but it seems easier to presume these idle people with inane questions are young, while in actual fact Golfs are bloody expensive these days so they're probably not young at all... Besides this isn't posted on facebook so no-one will read it anyway 😆 Anyway, bit of an old man rant for someone in their 30s, but I'm losing my workshop in the coming months and have neither the money nor the time to carry on with old Vdubs really so feeling a bit miserable. Hopefully this self driving / electric car 'revolution' will die a death and this isn't the last few years of driving classic cars, otherwise I'm gonna be really pissed off when I'm in my 40s 😆 Big thanks to whoever keeps this site running by the way 👍
  6. Shame, phenomenal wheels ... but yes that style of centre cap has always been difficult to come by
  7. Looks pretty cool. Lots of work for a niche market
  8. Enjoyed that, thanks for sharing. Prices are going to go up now that they've drawn attention of course
  9. Yeah, so same issue old issue with the 580mm rad. Easiest solution would be to send the Golf intercooler back and get the Rallye one, chop your towing eye out and bang a 630mm rad in :p Re core could be best alternative, don't think it costs that much.
  10. I think Wagner only do the Rallye intercooler don't they which they call a 'Golf G60 Intercooler'? You can use a 630mm rad with a Rallye 'cooler and a 580mm rad with the Golf 'cooler. If you measure up you will see which one fits. The 630mm rad is readily available for about 90quid I think, but when I was looking (admittedly a couple of years ago) the 580mm was very difficult to find and much more expensive. I'm going to be fitting my Wagner 'cooler into my Corrado soon (with a 630mm rad), so would be interested in some pics of yours if you have any? I think you have to chop out the towing eye and mount to make it fit? Cheers
  11. I think the easiest way to do it is to put it in the oven for 20 mins, think I put mine on gas mark 3 .. bearings just fell out