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  1. Hi TBH all these number, ratios etc etc is way above my head. In my case I run a 68mm pulley but with a Corrado bottom end crank pulley, they are 3mm smaller than the standard Rallye ones. Iā€™m told that way it spins the way a 65mm pulley would but not with the high service intervals a 65mm pulley would require. I hope that makes sense to someone.
  2. Thanks man šŸ‘šŸæ As you said if all else fails.
  3. A long shot i know, but does anyone have a SPARE set of Rallye front inner wheel arch trims? As the the whole inner wheel arches. Can anyone help PLEASE??? Regards
  4. A long shot i know, but does anyone have a SPARE set of Rallye front inner wheel arch trims? As the the whole inner wheel arches. Can anyone help PLEASE??? Regards
  5. Hi,   Was wondering if anyone out there can help, I'm after a SINGLE BBS RC 041. Thats been re drilled to 4x100.   If anyone has one and would like to part with it that would be a MAJOR help.   Cheers man,   Wallye
  6. Hi,  Was wondering if anyone out there could help me out. I'm looking for a SINGLE, BBS RC 041. Thats been redrilled to 4x100.  The condition of the wheel ain't that important. (Well as long as it ain't cracked or damaged like)   As i said i'm only after the one. If someone has and would like to part with it, that would be a MAJOR help   Cheers man.   Wallye.
  7. This is one Rallye i cannot wait to see back on the road. Your car looked Awesome before Benny. Gonna be a show stopper for sure man.
  8. wallye2bad


    I'd be up for that also. I have been um-ing and aw-ing as to whether to get one or not. Thats not just talk i really have considered it, I asked Matt before what the score with them etc. I suppose i'm just like everyone else waiting for some else to get one and report on it. 3+k is a lot to pay for a charger, especially when i bought my G-lader brand new from VW! Matt if they wonna give me one at a reduced price and you wonna use my truck as the test vehicle, heh shout me man! Ha ha ha. No Probs.   Regards.
  9. Just seen this great project and coming on well, i look forward to see this finished and up and running.   Well done mate, and fair play to for attempting such a task.   Regards.
  10. Not sure how i have missed this from start until now. Thats a beautiful Rallye, well done to you. Looking forward to seeing it one day in the flesh.
  11. Jonk I left the Army in 09 after 24 yrs, i found i couldn't settle into "civvi" life etc. I did a job giving lectures to the army on alcohol and drug misuse for about a year or so. Having done a CP course when a job option came up to work in Kabul Afghanistan i took it, Being back with like minded guys, ex squaddies etc. Pay as you can guess for a "hostile" theatre is ok. My rotation here is 9wks on for a month off!   TBH at first yeah, it was cool but now 3 and a half yrs on i hate the PLACE and the JOB!   Place for obvious reasons........ But lets not go there. I'm away more now than  was with the Mil. Spending so long away from family and friends does get to you after a while, you just miss out on so much back home. I have 6 Grankids who i get to see every 3 months in the flesh, even with the wonders of computers, skype, Facetime and the rest it ain't the same. In a job like mine and no doubt yours, you have to draw a line in the sand at some stage whether it me a "Time line or Money line" as in......... i'll do 2 yrs bust, or i want to make ex amount of money and call it a day. If you dont mate you'll get into a rut and before you know life at home will pass you by. All that said good luck with the new job mate. I'm sure you wouldn't have taken it without thinking about all of the above.   Regards. Wally.