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  1. Actually quite jealous, love Jetta's looking forward to seeing some more mate
  2. C2 motorsports
  3. The Rallye belonged to my mate James, as Hmaish says down here in Cornwall. It did'nt have any of the orange when it was sold. We put some hours in on that car!!
  4. I bought my Edition One 5 and a half years ago for £4600, I sold it a couple months back for £5200. It was pretty faultless come end up to be honest John
  5. Will come cleaned and oiled ready to go £30 posted John
  6. Cornish registered, wonder who bought that over originally
  7. Guys, since the sale of my MK2 I have for sale Genuine Rear axle bushes Genuine Handbrake Cables Genuine Bolts and Nut for Rear Axle Genuine Tank Strap Bolts (I have a ticket for £90 for this lot, trade price!) I also have Goodridge Braided over axle flexi's and Mk4 rear calipers powder coated black with Goodridge conversion hoses I'm looking for £130 for this lot, which will overhaul your rear axle nicely! Cheers
  8. House.......
  9. First time I've anyone slag off the 3pot Pd motor tbh... Its frugal and suprsingly nippy. Just has a very narrow power band
  10. Have you seen the info on these set-ups on Club GTi mate?
  11. SOLD :(
  12. More pics to come hopefully tomorrow John
  13. Possibly mate, the charger must be worth £500 all day long. As long as it's a goody. Thing is do you want the hassle? And then you guaranteed will be left with 2 bare engines which you will probably struggle to shift. Whereas if you sell the lot as a conversion its job done bang gone, I've seen the conversion bits less the charger go for around £300!
  14. £700ish £100 Respectively I'd say !
  15. Can anyone help me out with one of these? John