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  • Wheels mk1 cabrio G60
  1. looking at letting my complete conversion go, what should i be looking at advertising it for??
  2. not been on here for a long while but this is what i was going to ask, currently still not got the G60 running in the mk1 but picked up a cheap 20vt for a future project but now contemplating what engine to use..... not got alot of tme available so i need to pull my finger out and see what route i want to take but it looks like the G60 will be up for sale to make way for the 20vt
  3. got mine off ebay...
  4. they forgot to fit the bearing bushes so have sent me some out, ive fitted them into the bracket but not fitted the bracket to the car yet lol. think its a goer now, thanks
  5. haha, having issues with uploading at the mo, might have some good news from the seller so fingers crossed they send me some out. will try to get pics up asap
  6. hi all, got one of these and its come with no "bearing bushes" (i think thats what there called?) basicly ive removed the stock tensioner and where the big bolt goes through there seems to be some kind of spacer / packing ring to get a nice snug fit, the new bracket doesnt have these fitted and i cant remove them from my original bracket, ive tried contacting the seller of the bracket but im not having much luck. does anyone know where to get these from? part numbers?? price??? many thanks spud, will try and get a pic up later.
  7. hi all, purchased some mounts off vagobonds on ebay on the 14th, said i would get them the following friday and they still havnt turned up so im getting a refund. putting an 02A box on my G60 converted mk1 and im in need of the gearbox mounts. ive emailed just caddys to see if they will sell me just the gearbox mounts as i dont need the engine mount so waiting on them, will also need to get a bush pushed into the mount with there kit. does anyone else know of somewhere i can get some mounts for my box... failing that ill be maiking some lol.
  8. cheers fella, when im back off my honeymoon (end of oct) ill sort something out with you to get my charger looked at, if your over this way at any point before christmas give me a shout and ill dig the charger out for its pre op. legend
  9. might get in touch with you then after my wedding / honeymoon to give it the once over, do you have a new small belt for a charger or do they come with a whole kit??
  10. im in colwick / nottingham do you need to strip the charger down to do a health check?? its been kept level on a shelf in a shed so basicly the same as it would be on the car in a garage lol
  11. thanks guys, in that case as and when i get round to it ill send it off for a stage 1 rebuild with ocd. do you send it in or meet half way?? any info would be great
  12. cheers mate, would you say im best to ship it off to you or will i be ok with it turning over / driving around the estate until im ready to get the thing tuned up and the charger serviced?? i know you cant say for definate as you have never seen or heard the charger running, but what does experience tell you about a charger thats been stood?? really good prices there mate, do we send them into you or meet half way or collect?? spud
  13. cheers mate, it seems like everytime i make a start on this car something comes up lol.... it will be finished..... one day!
  14. hi all, not been on here for a while as my project was put on hold due to a house move and now im settled ive got back to tinkering with the mk1 and the G60 engine lol will be bugging some of you with questions about the conersion and ill upload some pics soon. getting married in just opver two weeks time but hopefully ill have the car running come the new year. juat thought i should say hello again lol. spud.
  15. hi all, not been on here for a long while as the project stlled after moving house but ive got back into the swing of things and ill update soon but... i brought my converion back in late 2008 early 2009, the charger has been sitting idle in the shed off the block but level with rags in the ends, i dont know much about the engine apart from the lad serviced it himself every year but i dont know anything about the chargers history, im sure there was some recipts from jabba but ive yet to go through the bits that came with it. should i get the charger serviced before turning the key or will the carger be ok to bolt on and to bsee if its boosts when i eventually get the engine in and running?? i wont be taking it on a mega thrash ill just be on my estate checking the gears and letting it tick over to check the thermostat works. i want the car to be MOT'd and then i want the car setup properly on a rolling road by jabba (or someone closer who knows G60's?) before i open the G60 up and see what ive made. any info / advice would be good, how much does OCD charge to service the charger?? thanks in advance spud.