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  1. Thanks for letting me know but nobody found it when it was in the S8 section, people buy A6s every day and some of those people would consider an S8 if they knew they existed. I have had a few emails this time around but I think most of them are scams, wish me luck! Thanks, Paul.
  2. SOLD! SOLD!
  3. Here is the totally standard 'lazy man car' in question.
  4. I kind of did like those wheels on the link but I think I should stick to 18s or above. To tell the truth I am still on standard wheels, I'm not sure if my heart is really in this car, I have my conscience poking me saying 'you should concentrate on the Mk1' 'buy stand alone management' 'you prefer small hatch backs' I'll post up pics of the standard S8 later.........haha!
  5. Cheers Steb. German Ebay is ideal. I found a set of 'bin lids' now I have to see if the guy speaks english.......
  6. Thanks I do like those 'bin lids'. Can't find any for sale. Those Merc wheels are new to me. All I can do is watch the fleabay.........
  7. Let me know how it goes dude. I doubt it will make much difference being FI but every little helps.
  8. I want to find a set with a lot of metal, I don't like the idea of thin spokes on this car. I am going for limo styling over rice style. Any suggestions?
  9. Bearing in mind the G60 uses a throttle postion sensor you might want to make life easy and continue to use the G60 throttle body and cap off the boost return, or remove the butterfly and fit a dump valve to it.
  10. No idea yet. We will see how it goes on the rollers. Don't hold your breath...........
  11. Used one from a Mk3 Ashtray!
  12. Maybe the 20v rods are to lower the compression a bit??? I am using a VF23. The 22 is big, the 24 is small, so the VF23 uses the 22 exhaust side because G60s like low back pressure and the compressor side is from the 24 for less lag. That jabba manifold was well expensive and the turbo was quite hard to find. I have the standard ECU with the boost sensor changed for a 2 bar one. (by jabbasport) Also Im using a 3 inch exhaust. Haven't finished it yet, so don't know about the bhp. Will post a thread sometime.
  13. I have a G60 bottom end anyone know how easy is the six speed conversion from 02A? Is that the same bellhousing pattern as a 20v? This may answer the same question. Like a GT TDI box? I want some long ratios too!
  14. Doesn't look that bad, if it isn't all thin from rot just clean it up, ideally sand blast it or acid dip it, (if you can't then wire brush it alot) then MIG it up. The idea of welding is to melt the two surfaces together with the current of electricity and the melted STEEL filler wire. When it has cooled down naturally it is all one piece (although the heat has changed the properties a bit (not enough to worry about) and made the metal either side of the weld slightly more brittle) then dress it if you need to. Then paint it. To do it any other way would just be weird! haha!
  15. Love the pipe beader! I knew it was a good idea to keep those old mole grips!