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  1. Looks like a wicked base to start with there matt!
  2. they will be m5 bolts a 10mm socket will see you alright!
  3. I hope you have recieved your shallow oil pan Ok.. <_<
  4. We cant get it right all of the time but we do try our best and we do care about cars possibly too much :blink: . Give me a call if you need any help or have any questions as i don't get on here as much as i would like anymore. Darren
  5. Seal can be changed if needed on the outerside its about a 15min job. Pm me for any more details if you require Darren
  6. Ive got one. Let me know if your still looking
  7. Please be slightly careful with only lining the marks on the pulleys up... I shall explain. On generation 1 and 2 G60's these pulleys have a seperate alignment ring (The ring in question also houses the notch for timing) I have known these to sping and not be aligned to each other when both pulleys are at TDC. On the generation 3 G60 superchargers the pulleys were changed to a one peice pulley (easily identified by the colour of the pulley changing to black) To play it safe i would recomend you remove the m6 (10mm headed) bolt from the top pulley and ensure the keyways in both pulleys are faci
  8. I would go on your head builders recomendation as i guess you have given him the spec of your engine and what you want it too do for you ? D.
  9. W3RKD


    Hello Slim, Hope you are enjoying Dubforce!
  10. I think you would struggle getting a 225/40/16 tyre inside the standard wing of a rallye
  11. We would like to take this opportunity to thanks you all for your custom and support over the last year. Its been a hard year for everyone so it means alot to us that you have continued to support us and allowed us to continue building some of the uk’s most... Read more Thanks Darren
  12. W3RKD

    g60 belts

    6pk1640 is what you need to ask for
  13. Day 4 of our christmas specials Click here to buy
  14. Everyday leading up to christmas this year we will have a special offer running. Just 1 item per day so when there gone there gone Im afraid. Here is todays - Christmas Special #1 Merry Christmas Darren