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  1. mind me asking what kind of money they charge for a g60 8v head jonk?
  2. Lovely looking thing. Nice and clean under the arches. Do you ever drive the thing!! GLWS James.
  3. Hi Rob, Nice looking rallye. I'm very local to you i think. Just about to move to Chislehurst. Be taking my rallye with me so may see you around...
  4. Hi Dan, pretty sure we met up at Lee's the other week when i was collecting some bits for my rallye. I think i have the same brakes as you on mine. Always thought they were rears rather than fronts though. I am running a standard master cylinder and servo and whilst the pedal is pretty solid the car stops well. There must only be about 10mm of travel. The issue (with mine at least) is that the porsche calipers have only a slightly larger pad face than the standard G60's. I've just bought some seat cupra calipers and disks to swap on instead as i had these previously and they were am
  5. I have one £120 as they are getting harder to find and £300 new plus if mine goes I will be paying top dollar im based Stansted Essex 07891494448 thanks 


  6. As title, need a 90 amp g60 alternator pretty urgently! Must be exactly this model. Based in SE London, can collect from wherever as long as its not an absolute stomp away or will obviously pay postage. Thanks James.
  7. New VW Blue temp sensor = No difference   The saga continues
  8. Will do. Its probably the only thing i haven't replaced for new. For 20 quid or whatever it is i guess it's worth doing. I was lead to believe that when the car is warm if you disconnect it and the revs dip then it's okay. Do they go gradually?    May also swap the leads for a vw new set. There's every chance the ones on it are very old.   Forgot to add i have also changed the plugs for new WP's too.
  9. So having had a lot of experience of the many ways in which a g60 can decide to run like a dog I thought I'd ask the good people of Dubforce what they think. I can cancel a lot of the classic issues off the list so hopefully narrowing down the problem. Had the Rallye (original h1 engine on about 79,000 miles) on the road now for 9 months or so. Having had it down with James at Dubforce the car ran brilliantly. It had 440cc injectors installed and one of his chips to suit. Although it ran nicely It needed a new lambda so had one of those as well. The drive home saw some spirited driving and
  10. So i'm about to install air ride onto my rallye- sorry i know its not the done thing but just works for my situation.   Anyway, as rallye rears are different to the standard mk2 struts i'm using the airlift universal type struts which i have already. I will need to weld these to the correct length and i was wondering if anyone has any pointers as to how to do it? They come with a sleeve that you cut to length and then weld the standard    I take it i'll need to work out the aired out and up positions and ensure that the aired out doesn't mean the wheel wants to push up too h
  11. Try unplugging the lamabda. I need to fix my lambda but for the meantime running it unplugged prevents it going into 'safe mode' and chucking out black smoke. Still juicy but not too bad.   If it solves the issue you know that's where to target.
  12. Texting you now mate.   All good though. Plenty of changes due come the shows this year. 
  13. Sorry Location- Blackheath SE London Contact PM or 07880twozerotwo485 James
  14. I have for sale a pair of rear airlift slam series rear air struts. Covered sub 3000 miles from new and are 100% operational. Visually they look pretty much new. These are £729 new as shown in the last picture Offers around £500