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  1. g60syncro

    Dear Santa...

    Nice! Like them both.
  2. g60syncro

    mk2 golf g60

    Nice car!
  3. g60syncro

    1.9l Rs2G60 edition one oem+

    Good work going on here!
  4. g60syncro

    rallye / syncro handling

    I really only felt the 4wd when launching. It still understeers like a fwd but still good fun.
  5. g60syncro

    Where to get GTi cloth

    Hi all. I've got some new seats and want to get them retrimmed but want to keep them OEM. Where could I get the GTi cloth from? I've seen Rallye and Edition 1 cloth on VW Heritage but nothing else. It's a 1991 with the kinda red stripy one. Pretty good description there! I'd like the same cloth but not too worried if I can't.
  6. Hi all. I've done very little on the car for way too long but it was moved the other day and there's a fluid leak from the clutch pedal dripping into the car. Is there a slavery cylinder at the top of the pedal or could it be leaking from the master cylinder?
  7. g60syncro

    Mk2 GTI PD TDI

    One clean car.....And a daily too!
  8. g60syncro

    So I just saw this on Facebook

    I've never seen one before. Obviously a home build and I like it.
  9. g60syncro

    Business idea...need your input!

    Thanks for all the replies. I've thought of most of the pros and cons and insurance is a problem but if I can go and drive a hovercraft then it's possible. As for tools it was going to be standard tools...if special tools are needed then the customer would supply them. I also didn't want to have a car stuck on the ramp.....not good, so I thought that there could be a roaming mechanic there to suggest/help customers...The mechanic could also advise on tools/difficulty/time etc when the job is booked in. Storage and a paint booth would be good but that would have to be in the next phase but that could get the restorer in too. As for pricing then bulk times would get s discount. And thanks for the link jimc. Will check it out.
  10. g60syncro

    Business idea...need your input!

    Hi all. I've had a business idea and I need some thoughts from you guys.   The idea is for a self service garage....all the tools and disposal facilities, a ramp and also a bay for non ramp type work. I've had this idea as I'm not lucky enough to have a garage or workshop so I have to use my driveway and at this time of year I've only got the weekends to do any jobs.   I know there's a few businesses like this but not that many.   So how many of you guys would use something like this?
  11. g60syncro

    Duck Egg Mk1 G60

    Liking where this is going!
  12. g60syncro

    G60 Syncro

    Very nice!!
  13. g60syncro

    Spot weld drill bit

    Thanks highpp02. Will get them ordered.
  14. g60syncro

    Spot weld drill bit

    Hi guys. Just wondering what size spot weld bit I need to take the sunroof frame out?
  15. g60syncro

    G60 Syncro

    Looking really good!