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  1. I can only presume the additional oil feed to the balance shaft is to reduce heat in that area seams a bit OTT
  2. 1 meter vacuum hose 3.5 mm to ECU needs to be exact
  3. Check throttle switches idle switch and full throttle switch may be sticking
  4. Way too much money looks like made for SKF bearing display
  5. I will have one I will look on Tuesday
  6. Can I share this info with Chris Eyre on vwmotorsport.com?
  7. Thanks mark let me know how much postage will be
  8. Can I take the Italian rallye golf brochure please also want both Motorsport posters posted to Guildford please steve
  9. what is the engine coolant temp sensor doing, measure the sensor using a multimeter from cold and observe as it warms up
  10. Yes you can send a letter to Santa clause and Royal Mail will sort it, remember to put his address as Lapland Ps, have you been a good boy all year?