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  1. Here For Sale are my BBS RS 16" Some of you may have seen them fitted to my Rallye…I will post some photos for those that didn't see them fitted to the car. - 9" Rears. - 8" Fronts. They have Radinox stainless lips and stainless bolts/nuts all purchased new prior to being re-built. Originally they where flat backed - 5x120 PCD and have been plugged/welded and re-drilled to 4x100 by Voodoo at great expense (receipt to prove) so no adapters required!!! The baskets and centres have been wet sprayed black and overall they are spot on…Ready to go onto your show car. The tyres have 6-7mm of tread and are 215/35x16 (rears) and 195/40x16. The wheels come with the wheel bolts and a genuine BBS centre nut tool. I'm located in Derby for viewing and looking for £2k ovno If you have any questions feel free to PM me or text message/call…. Zero 7813 Zero 72299
  2. Hi, I'm not on Facebook. Is it possible to order them direct or through yourself (dazfxvw)? Also what is the price for the Amber ones please? Cheers Andy
  3. Thanks for the link. Looks like the car has either been Sold or maybe a change of heart as the listing has been removed???
  4. I've not seen this G60 on Ebay...Do you have a link for the car mate?
  5.   Thanks,i would also be interested in a link.   Cheers Andy
  6.   Thanks to all for the advice/pointers.   UKASH do you have a link at all for the LEMFORDER ones?I have seen standard MK2 ones in the usual places but not ones that are specifically for a G60 or Rallye??
  7. Hi All,   I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding the front top mounts on my Ralllye as they need replacing. What are you using and where from?? I have been told by a friend that Mk3 top mounts are better than Mk2 ones,but would like to hear what options i've got if you could advise please...   Thanks in advance Andy
  8. Update...   Thanks for the tips Jonk...I cleaned the ISV but the problem persisted.So finally had some time over the bank holiday,to do some further investigation works. Checked all vacuum pipes and decided to replace all of them,as some looked a bit tired...Still the same!!! The hunt continued,finally found the route of the problem to be a small breather on the front of the throttle body that should be blocked on one outlet and was open to atmosphere therefore drawing in air!!!Now blocked off and running a treat.
  9. Hi All,   Just been for a run in the Rallye as the sun is shining...And on my way home pulled up at a traffic island to discover my idle going up to 1500rpm then down to normal around 900rpm then back up to 1500rpm and so on???   I turned the ignition off and this seemed to sort the problem until i revved it again...then the same symptoms??   Could this be my ISV?Does it need cleaning out?   Does anyone else have any idea what the problem could be?     Andy
  10. Thanks...Can you recommend somewhere to get one please?   I've tried TPS also ECP and GSF,the usual with TPS...Obsolete! ECP and GSF won't specify the brand,they just say it is a premium brand!?
  11. Hi Guys,   I have a leaking rocker cover gasket on the Rallye and am looking to change it ASAP,as its leaking onto the exhaust manifold and the fumes are getting into the car.   I'm led to believe this is a common problem!?! Can anyone advise the best gasket to use,and if they used any RSV as i'm not a fan of using sealants,but want to cure the leak first time.   I have used Elring headsets in the past and never had a problem,but happy to use other brands if they have used them recently and not had a problem.   One last thing..any differences between a PG and 1H  gasket.   Any help appreciated.   Cheers Andy
  12. All sorted now guys and thanks to 63beetle...a real gent.   Thanks to the others that have offered too.   Cheers Andy
  13. Thank you...Very helpful.   I just need to find one now....Anyone got one up for grabs?   Andy
  14. Ah i see...Thanks for clearing that up.Don't suppose you have a part number for the round one do you?   Thanks again mate.   Andy