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  1. SteB

    Is this Anyone's on here

    Plates are easy to change, owning it from new isn't so much!
  2. SteB

    Is this Anyone's on here

    Wheels colour and location all make me think it's a long time member on this forum called Chillie but I'm pretty sure it's not his reading the blurb.
  3. SteB

    Show us your dirty cars

    Nah it got scrapped a long long time ago. Amongst it's many issues, the area around where the trailing arms mounted was 99% rust.
  4. SteB

    Rallye owner near Wolverhampton?

    Rallyekally is Handsworth if memory serves - Black on WRD Mesh (or it was a long while back!)
  5. SteB

    Winter car plans?

    I'm looking for a big derv Quattro.
  6. SteB

    02M Selector Forks

    Too late mate, sold it.   I know they say better the devil you know... in this case I did, and I wanted out!   The list of other stuff that was broken or on its way out was truly very impressive - it'd been used and abused and under-maintained for a while so it's all good.
  7. SteB

    02M Selector Forks

    Pretty much.   So it's been confirmed today that the gearbox needs a full rebuild.   Despite the parts only being £90 from VAG, I think I'm on the verge of scrapping it. After all, the cambelt is overdue, it needs discs and pads all round and the MOT is due in a couple of weeks and I've had three trouble free in a row so this one must be a bad 'un!!    If anyone wants a very broken PD130 Bora with 177k for spares or repairs, you have tonight to let me know! Very cheap ;)
  8. SteB

    02M Selector Forks

    And that presumably will tell me if they need replacing - which is then box out?
  9. SteB

    02M Selector Forks

    Alright peeps, I'm in need of an education.   I have 52 Plate Bora with a 6 speed 02M gearbox. Its got a few miles on it (177k!). On the way home tonight I couldn't select 4th, and then soon after, couldn't select any other gear. It's stuck in a gear now, not sure which one but its high enough not to be able to pull away in.   I have free play in both parts of the mechanism on top of the box, and it sounds like I'm selecting gears with them, but inevitably each time I think I'm in a different gear it still behaves as if its in a high gear. What I think is neutral is still in gear when I lift the clutch.   From 10 minutes of Googling, my problem could be a broken selector fork. Can anyone give a very tired person (who has very little understanding of the internal magic of a gearbox) of how to further diagnose said fork issue, and a summary of what the solution is?   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Ste
  10. SteB

    Audi quattro S1 E2

      A little more strength??? That will be something like a 50% increase mate! That said, nothing like a bit of engineering overkill.   Cage looks suitably awesome already.
  11. SteB

    For the love of cars

    If you think thats a lot, you want to see how much BDA/G engines are worth now!
  12. SteB

    Posting pictures

    Alternatively, try activating Compatibility Mode in IE.   I get forced into using it at work, I have to use this trick in a lot of circumstances like those you mention.
  13. Not VW related, but this looks fun [url]http://www.dubforce.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=24651[/url]