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  1. I used to own a genuine g60 in oak green. I still know of the car, although not in a good state at all. I believe there are only 3 in the UK.
  2. It's the diver's side I need but I don't mind buying a pair.
  3. Is it just me or have prices stagnated? I sold my black rallye for £17,750 before Christmas and just bought another for £15k. They seem very undervalued currently compared to other rare classics of the era.
  4. Text me your email address and I will send you some pics.
  5. The one that went for £10300 is back on ebay for £10300 or offers.  I've got a black Rallye too and to be honest I can see them reaching the £15k mark in the next 5-10 years, who knows, perhaps more.  And I do think standard ones will be fetching more that modified ones soon, if not now.
  6. Nar, I'm keeping her.  She spat out the dummy with the heater matrix, but that's done.  Next step, standard Rallye suspension then she is pretty much 100% OEM - can't wait :clap:
  7. Are you interested in a p/x? Dare I say it, for a 2001 Lupo GTI. Any interior pics?
  8. Winter is driving me mad.  The old girl has been sat up in my garage and not used, apart from the weekly start up, driving it out then back in again.  Seriously tempted to sell the old girl at some point this Spring.
  9. When is this available and what price?
  10. Now the Rallye is done I will be there.  How many of you guys are staying over Sunday?