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  1. as above i am looking for a mk2 caddy or inca van for a new project, rust isn't really an issue would prefere the panels to be as straight as possible though , don't care if it is a non runner or engineless as it is not needed , or even a bare shell contact me 07788839372 cheers john
  2. come on peeps grab some bargains cheers john
  3. i have some bits that you may be interested in give me a call on 07788839372
  4. Drug abuse it must be if you want it buddy call me but you will need more than £400
  5. still got these parts for sale brand new genuine garrett gt3076 .82 turbo t3 fitment £700 ono bahn brenner motorsport bomb inlet manifold with billet fuel rail and 3inch throttle body £620 ono pauter 144mm rods £280 ono s2 pistons x4 £150 6 speed o2m with transfere box £275 ono boost factory snake manifold with 44mm flange £300 ono jnl racing 6kg lightenend and balanced flywheel £125ono kr block £50 abf cams £100 kr cams £60 brand new luk vr6 clutch kit £90 light tuned carbon fibre bonnet very good condition £290 ono mechanical clutch conversion for 02a cable change gearbox £50 loads of interior trims for mk2's and corrado's all parts are in norwichg norfolk really need all these gone as soon as possible please don't hesitate to ask for furthewr info or pics cheers john
  6. updated list at top of page and a big bump
  7. it depends on your skills really but i found it quite easy to make mine, measure twice cut once cheers john
  8. it's not hard to do either way wether you have a original syncro floor your own but the easiest way is to buy my shell it's already converted cheers john
  9. just a lil update, performance trim are still waiting for there new cnc machinery to arrive from canada, the equipment is set to arrive in the next 3-8 weeks . mike has said though that we are the first job any queries please don't hestitate to call me on 07788839372 cheers john
  10. Mk2 golf shell with rallye tunnel and cutom rear bootfloor to suit 4wd with all relevants docs £275 lite tuned carbon fibre bonnet vgc £275ono Audi tt 6 speed 02m gearbox very low milage £300ono brand new genuine rallye rear caliper carriers aparently last new set avaliable from vag £180ono mk2 golf front big bumbers one with fog light holes 1 with out £40 each mk2 golf rear bumber needs repair to cut out foir exhaust as it melted £20 2 n/s 2 door golf doors £25 each 2 o/s 2 door golf doors £25 each spa turbo 16v manifold to suit 9a,kr, abf t3 flange £90 ono lots of glass ect ect golf compomotive mo's 5x100 15inch £300 2 x kercher karmona 9x16 slight damge to one rim fitted with stretched goodyear f1 eagles £190 boost factory snake top mount exhaust manifold t3 fitment £350 Bahn Brennner Motorsport 16v turbo inlet manifold with mustang 3" throttle bodie and billet fuel rail £600 kr alternator £10 windage trays £10 JNL racing 16v flywheel 6 kg £85 JNL racing 16v ported and polished cylinder head with abf camshafts £425 kr block £50 include crank Genuine Brand New Garrett GT3076 .82ar Turbo charger purchased from Owen Devolpments in april £800 ono Good for 500+ bhp i also have so many mk2 and corrado bits about 3 cars worth in all so please don't hesitate to ask every thing is in norwich norfolk everything is also subject to postage unless buyer collects OPEN TO OFFERS NEED ALL THIS GOE ASAP TO MAKE ROOM FOR NEW PROJECT contact me on 07788839372 cheers john
  11. i had similar problem on my mates scooby when it was running 1.8bar basically when he planted the throttle at 4-5k it used to have a little spasm it turned out to be that the little electronic bleed valve on the o/s inner wing was faulty and concenquently starving it self of fuel , he then buy pass all of these with a manual boost controler and it's never ever happend again but doing this does bring the e/m light on the other spasms he has suffered from is when running 95ron fuel it tends to pink, this was cured by using 97ron fuel john
  12. 1. timg60 1" wider 2. bugwhizz, my wife says i can have em LOL, 1" wider please!!!! 3. rallyekally, 1" wide - hell yeah!! 4. Mk2 Craig 5. benny bad box 1" wider 6. rhd rallye 1" wider 7.ELLIS 1" wider 8.prashb10 1" wider 9. 10. 11. 12. 13
  13. on yours benny leaving them carbon would look kinda cool at the nd of the day they aint gonna rust are they