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  1. b2flx

    Gearbox 02A

    Having removed my gearbox for the 2nd gear snycromesh clunking when puting into second i'm finding hard to find somebody to do the repair and sourcing the parts. Any help appreciated cheers Brett
  2. A Quality looking Rallye right there.
  3. Thanks but not after the TH2's Appreciate the heads up though. Brett
  4. Wanted cash waiting... I'm after a set of Compomotive motorsport original 17"x8 TH1870 ET10 alloy wheels any state. If your considering selling yours or no somebody who might be considering selling there please contact me. brettaffleck@yahoo.co.uk Thanks Brett
  5. Wow spotted these on ebay they are the business.     http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CUSTOM-BUILT-SEBRING-3-PCS-18-4x100-VW-AUDI-rims-BARGAIN-split-BBS-ROTIFORM-/231396686087?pt=UK_CarParts_Acc_Wheels_tyres_Trims_Car_Rims_ET&hash=item35e0513907
  6. Only 19,200 km on the cock pricey
  7. When my numbers come in you'll be on your 3rd build  :clap:   Absolute genius
  8. There was a green one at Rochester (Dealer)not sure if its still for sale
  9. Thanks all.   OK so the one's without the sunroof are rare.
  10. Hello all a few golf Rallye's on the German site Mobil.de.   Could anybody shed some light onto one that claims Golf Rallye SYNCRO   1 / off 50.   What's the difference if any.?   Is the statement true?   cheers Brett
  11. Incredible work waiting for your next update.
  12. The price has been dropped aswell this looks really nice.
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