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  1. Yeah I've got them on the shelf :)   http://www.onlychargeddubs.co.uk/products/co-potentiometer-sensor-bung-g60-g40.html   Or we've done the a remake of the standard pipe in aluminium too - http://www.onlychargeddubs.co.uk/products/aluminium-boost-pipe-g60.html   Cheers
  2. Probably is, I have no PM's.   You're best emailing me - matt@onlychargeddubs.co.uk or ringing 01302 885310 as these are constantly checked.    I get very little time to check the forums at the minute :(   He did yes, and it went out.   Cheers
  3. Yeah I think Henny has nailed it really.   Like I say, mine went well on the smaller IC, but as soon as I stood still for a minute and set off it was a lot slower.   It's just about drivability really rather than flat out BHP
  4. It'll probably still do good power, but he'll suffer from heat soak the most.   My G60 did the same with a small temp IC on it (still front mounted). The bigger the cooler on G60's the better. Supercharged engines don't suffer pressure drop like a turbo engine either so that's not really an issue!   The Wagner Tuning FMIC's are amazing, ran one on mine and it made the most noticeable difference from one mod than anything else for sure! 
  5. Is that $ Dollars you're talking in?   Cheers
  6. You didn't buy this off ebay as a used bare unit by any chance did you?
  7. On just the one casing or both? What's the displacer like?
  8. What's up with your charger?
  9. Nice project man!    I wonder if that charger was ex-Rallye then? I know a dealership over here in Sheffield had 2 or 3 Raylle's to rally spec.    They ran a twin drive belt design like that, the porting did look very neat reagardless
  10. NGK Iridium's we supply. G60's don't need to run Iridium but G40 do. So we only supply Iridium as they're obviously a lot better!   Bosch don't do an Iridium plug, it's just a standard plug and last time I looked they're more than a set of NGK Iridium's!   http://www.onlychargeddubs.co.uk/products/ngk-iridium-spark-plugs-g60.html
  11. I'd buy a brand new fuel pump. It boggles me that people spend a lot of time and money on projects then buy a 2nd hand 25 year old fuel pump as ''it's up to the job''.   Bosch 044 with a good bracket and you're golden, or look into a submerged similar pump. Just remember to make sure you have a lift pump or swirl pot/accumulator of some sort too. G60 fuel filter with Corrado plastic bracket, easily fits up snug and out the way.   Not a clue with the coil, guess that'll be playing with what's available?   HT leads you can, Magnecor will make them custom lengths for you, or
  12. I don't see the bearings being an issue, the G40 & G60 share the same bearings apart from the displacer centre and there's no problems with G60's?   I'm not really sure what the other part is meant to mean?   Nope, apart from they've carried out quite a few G65 conversions with no issues, and why there's other tuners in Germany copying now.   As for the G75 they've not sold many but have tested their own without issues
  13. Thing is with a screw charger it's how the power is put down, I don't even think Rotelle will try and argue an G-Lader will 'out perform' a screw charger. It's just drive ability and for me the G-Lader is much better.   Screw is more of a low down lump of torque that fades out with higher revs much easier, almost opposite to a turbo.   The point of the G-Lader was to make it feel like driving an N/A engine with power a small N/A will never reach
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