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  1. I have the dreaded abs light permanently on. its looks like my relay has burnt out. if anyone has one they can sell please let know. is there an alternative relay i can use
  2. Distributor needed for my g60 as the hall sensor is playing up.
  3. Looking for a standard charger in good order. ( the refurbed one I bought is not as good as it should be).
  4. My G60 is back on the road but the charger is long overdue a rebuild. it was originally rebuilt by jabbasport. I have a spare charger rebuilt by OCD which i would rather install and then send off the jabbasport charger and keep that as a spare. Currently it has a 73mm pulley but there is no mention on the paperwork whether there is a chip installed. I am considering putting the charger back on with a standard 78mm pulley but my question is will the car run OK. I do have a spare ECU I could try with the existing set up and see what happens. Car has aircon as well.
  5. Apologies but this seemed the best place. Car is genuine GOLF g60 with 02a gearbox. Really struggling to change gear. It is so stiff that I cannot get it in reverse or first. only just manage second but cant get third. If I leave it for a while the gearbox starts to improve and gearchanges become smooth and easier but always had trouble with fifth. But if i stop and literally leave the car running for a minute and get back in gearchange becomes nearly impossible again. But improves after a few minutes of driving it down the road in second gear. When cold engine off gearchange stiff as well but sometimes it is not stiff and works fine. master cylinder and slave cylinder have been replaced about 5 years ago along with gearchange cables. Clutch is at the end of its life.
  6. Brand new never used. bought for my car but its unlikely to be on the road for a while. £130 posted  
  7. my emissions were at 10% and replacing the 02 sensor did the trick and the car is a lot quicker than before.
  8. My g60 has failed its MOT and i am going to change the BTS and 02 sensor. it needs a thermostat as well which i dont think has helped.   recently car has been kangarooing and the fumes from the exhaust have been quite bad.   Is there anything else I can look at to get it running properly again.
  9. very rare and factory built wheels. come with all four centre caps. are 4x100 57.1 cb. £700   location Surrey   There are four wheels and will sort out pics of the other two.
  10. thanks 205 for the wing and 345 for the door, i wonder if they ever have any special offers.
  11. long shot but i need the following in black l041   Front bumper Left hand side front wing right had side door   these are required for a 3dr 1990 golf g60.    
  12. £19 posted by recorded delivery
  13. my spare one. brand new and comes with all packaging. £60 posted
  14. Thanks found this earlier and have asked vw heritage.