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  1. MrNoops

    Rallye Carbon Brake Ducts

    Still avail?
  2. MrNoops


    Hi there - are the wheels still avail & where are you, pls?
  3. MrNoops

    Uk Rallye Golf Show 28th August 2011

    I'll be travelling up from London this year. Planning on doing the journey in the middle of the day on Sat., to Manchester. Then to Elsecar on Sun. Back down South on the Monday, time TBC. Anyone fancy a convoy?
  4. Hello mate

    I,ve seen your after a rallye diff.

    I have one which came of a rallye if your interested? I,m in Portsmouth area. I,m after £150. Lee 07813309854 Cheers

  5. MrNoops

    Rallye Rear Diff WANTED

    Thanks to all of you who PM'd me about this item, and for all the advice. Now replied to all PMs - watch this space to see how the 1st unit I was offered turns out. Cheers, E/
  6. MrNoops

    Rallye Rear Diff WANTED

    Weekly bump as item still urgently req'd. Thanks.
  7. Interested to hear from anyone that has one for sale. Contacted a couple of folks on here that have them listed but, no answer - if you're one of them, I'm still looking. Reason being, mine is making an increasingly loud clicking / knocking from where the front-to-rear propshaft enters. Any info / advice on this condition also welcome. Am located in Central London. Ideally looking for a fresh-ish unit else, I would want vendor to send to rebuilder, who can do his work and send to me. Also, if it's a good unit and you have time to wait, could do an exchange on my tired one. Open to all offers / suggestions. Thanks, EW/
  8. MrNoops

    Rallye Running Gear & Tunnel

    Hi - am in need of a rear diff, if you have? Cheers,
  9. MrNoops

    Rallye parts for sale

    PM'd you - am very interested in the diff. Many thanks,
  10. MrNoops

    Is this an early Rallye?

    Mine is Eng # 1038. I have the old-style tank and ABS bits. Coachwork is Black.
  11. As per desc. Used for a few miles but perfectly serviceable. £5.
  12. By SuperSport. Bought @ Worthersee 03. These are designed to give 5-10mm extra lowering over standard upper rear spring supports. Post me a fiver, I'll post you the bits. £5.
  13. Have 2 pulleys for sale. 1 - 65mm by Kompressor Kanada, in ally: £25 2 - 62mm(IIRC - if interested, will measure.) unknown, in steel: £15 Ran them both for a bit with no real issues.
  14. MrNoops

    VW Rallye Breaking

    I dealt with Douglas Valley, years ago, for Porsche parts. Ignorant, impolite and I still don't have the parts paid for in 1998. Don't go near them.