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  1. Only made 300 on eBay so I guess that's what the going price is, Price drop to 300
  2. Price reduction £400 need them gone
  3. Hi porsche brembo for sale with adapters for mk2 Calliper are yellow in colour and are 4pots I can tx pic to mobile as I don't know how to put them up £500 Based in maidenhead 07872581888 Thank you
  4. Lol with the left hand drive cars it's realy hard to enjoy and drive the car hard when it's left hand drive as ur so use to rhd cars. With regards to the value people say it's worth more lhd, for me there not much left of its originality and I'm never going to sell so not worry about the value. Look forward to meeting the rallye family at the coming shows. Harry
  5. Hi I owner the jtech Rallye, I've been on here for some time, sold a few bits but never posted pics of car. I've built the Rallye for myself I've always loved the shape of the Rallye and wanted a strong powerful engine so went with the 20v route. For me it's not about winning shows, I love it, I'd be happy with it not running and me just looking at it sat in my garage lol, but I've built it to be driven and it will be, I'm sorry people feel it shouldn't have won at ud but if the judges felt it was worthy then that's down to them. Cheers harry
  6. Right number in add now.
  7. Hi as title realy came of working car, forgot I had it. £80 Based in maidenhead 07872581888 Can send pic by fone if need be. Cheers harry
  8. Can u message me price and when they going to be ready ur inbox is full Cheers harry
  9. Hi I'll order my set next few days just need to go to see Jamie at j-tech, so u can post to him, can u pm payment details . Cheers harry
  10. Up swap for rallye bits
  11. Bump
  12. Up
  13. Bump