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  1. Was that pic taken at Bodicote business park (Banbury RFC) ?????
  2. I haven't but hopefully RSD will have one. The throttle body pipe has been mentioned a few times tho.
  3. just had major service, cambelt, tensioner, diff oils etc. Has got an annoying problem which they are currently trying to locate. It keeps restricting boost when under heavy load. If you accelerare gradually she boots hard as normal but if you floor the pedal, she boosts for a second and then no boost at all. Head scratching time but I'm confident the cause will be found!!
  4. I seem to get around town roughly 25mpg, and on a run it has been known to hit 30mpg. Not the best but I'll live with that as the sheer performance and luxury far outweighs the poor economy :rolleyes: Lpg could be an idea tho!!!
  5. Not really at the moment, may go for the obligatory remap. Looking at going up a size with the alloys same style but 18". Currently just spending the money ensuring she stays mint. Having engine flushed and also sump off just to make sure the oil pick up is clear etc. May even replace the turbo oil feeds in the near future. ^_^
  6. After selling the S3 I missed the luxury combined with the power of the Audi. Went back to a subaru for a while but after owning the Audi I soon realised although the subaru was a blistering point to point car it just was not nearly enough like the package that the audi offered me. So I started looking for a new S3 to satisfy my itch. Subsequently we had great news and after learning my wife was pregnant I decided to start looking for a 5 door model and the S4 met my needs. It is a 2 owner car that can only be described as MINT, so much that I am going to enter it into the concourse event at Stanford hall in May. It comes with 5k of factory extras including RS4 interior, dvd player, tv's in headrests etc. Absolute stunning car and breathtaking to drive. Currently at RSD having Cambelt and major service etc. Looking forward to hitting some shows next year :rolleyes:
  7. benh999


    Not rare but I miss my 2001 audi S3, got offered silly money for her but not seen one as mint for the money since. Miss those recaros and the BOSE!!!
  8. To be honest I have no idea what vento front ends go for so I'm relying on ur honesty as what they are worth. Bonnet is dragon green :rolleyes:
  9. My mk3 vr6 I recently have bought has a vento front end fitted. It is either for sale or I am after a swap for the Hella/morette quad headlamp conversion. located in Rugby,midlands regards Ben 07869293276
  10. has got a set of polished audi winters for sale or swap. If interested Pm me :-)

  11. benh999

    Audi S3

    feckin brilliant. I love S3's ;-)
  12. Mk2 golf Gti 16v 3 door big bumper 90 spec. I recently bought this car off a good friend as a project however my situation has now changed so I am offering this amazing opportunity to someone else. It came with no interior so I have put a set of seats in her and some door cards and besides giving her a wash that is it. This is not to be confused with a mk2 golf with a 2.0 16v engine just thrown in, this is a proper conversion. The conversion consists of 2.0 16v ABF engine and 02A gearbox. ( I have the entire service history from the donor car for the ABF engine), engine is on 146k and as you will see from its history has been meticulously maintained. I have no problem in saying that from the receipts the cambelt snapped at 116k (2006). The car had a top end rebuild including 8 new valves, new cambelt and tensioners etc (bill came the £980 ) the owner had all work done correctly and all the receipts I have will show this. Pedal box from mk3 16v including hydraulic clutch conversion to allow car to run 02a gearbox Full mk3 16v running gear.including front subframe and front hubs (5 x 100) 15mm wider running track and allows much better choice of alloys Mk3 16v front brake setup mk3 16 rear beam, discs and hubs Mk3 16v fuel tank and fuel pump Full mk3 16v ABS system Mk3 16v complete exhaust system Mk3 16v instrument cluster The car is sat on 30mm lowering springs and is wearing the full g60 wide arch kit including sill covers The car has recently been resprayed by the previous owner (glass out respray) Side repeaters deleted and side bump strips deleted. There is not a single patch of rust on this car, the shell is 100% solid and fully undersealed. Lots of mk2 gtis have hidden rust, (usually terminal) This one is the opposite end of the scale, as a shell it is mint. It is sat on corrado BBS alloys Interior is pretty much standard apart from the mk3 16v instrument cluster and the ABS light. All the floor mats are black and are in superb condition, they really look the business I have a lot of service history for the car with the 1.8 16v engine including lots of receipts and the vehicle service book and handbook. I also have virtually the entire service history and mots from the donor car that provided the ABF engine. (see pics) Tax expires end of Sept 2010 and mot till April 2011 Points to consider:- The paint job although ok is not superb. and I feel would benefit from being mopped to get a better finish,. Camber needs setting up Roof lining is custom suede finished but some of the glue has not bonded and if you look carefully you can see this ( I if required will supply a mint black original headlining from another mk2 I have recently broken.) The passenger door skin has moved causing paint to crack along the swage line. I will provide a spare door and paint if buyer requires it!!!!!! I had every intention of having the car resprayed in IBIS white but as I said my circumstances have since changed so I know that a VW fan will land a superb base car with the potential to be mint with the right direction. there is no radio, all speakers are present and I will provide and Alpine headunit however I have no idea about the wiring loom for the headunit. I was never concerned as this car was all about being a sprint car. This car is one of the best bases for an ABF conversion. The shell is in 100% solid condition all the underbody is mint and all the jacking points are in superb undamaged condition(most mk2s jack points have caved in or have been welded !!!!!) With the right direction this will be a stunning car and even as she stands is a real find and i guarantee you will not be disappointed. I have been very honest in the description of the car. This is a real find as the ABF conversion is comprehensive including having the full ABS system plumbed in. It is by no means 100% finished but i think is 90 % there. I am gutted to have to sell her but needs must :-( I can say that the work that has been carried out would make it very easy to drop in a 1.8 20vT engine now, especially with the bigger brakes, fuel tank etc. ;-) I will happily answer any questions on the car Located in Rugby Warwickshire Priced to sell £1695 but am open to offers for quick sale Regards Ben bharrison999@gmail.com 07869293276 ]
  13. My car for sale have a look, full abf conversion http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=320587300058&Category=9873&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26its%3DI%26otn%3D1#ht_2750wt_920
  14. Hi folks I want to remove my tailgate on the mk2 ready for a full respray however I just wondered if anyone has a guide for removing the wiring to the tailgate lights and also how to feed the wires back through when refitting the tailgate?? regards ben