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  1. Think you might be mixed up between 020 and 02A gearboxes; G60s came with 02A (cable change) and not 020 (rod change).
  2. Cheers both. Forgot about some alcantara Recaros I bought years ago and let a friend borrow. He's got one in his track car but I think I might fit the other in the driver's side. Need something sturdy to support me with 48bhp on tap. So that leaves me with needing a single seat for the passenger side. Ideally height adjustable - not sure whether yours is, Mak. Still not found the donut :( Middlesbrough's a bit far for me really so will keep looking locally. Cheers
  3. Just need some front seats. Height adjustable preferred - something like Corrado or mk2 Scirocco. Condition and colour not particularly important, as long as they're clean and not mouldy like mine. Bear in mind these are for a tatty old Polo so not looking for anything fancy or expensive and no leather! I'd consider seats from other vehicles so long as they're a similar width and I'll just weld them up to the VW subframe. As close to Brighouse (HD6) as possible. Cheers
  4. Nice Astra :) I'd run that as is!
  5. These won't actually aid cooling, by the way.
  6. Just let me know where it's going and we can sort PayPal out after, when I know how much it is. Can't see it being much more than £5 or £6. :)
  7. Yours for the cost of postage...not sure how much that will be, though!
  8. If anyone collects and needs a standard pulley I might have one I'll chuck in.
  9. A lot of cars like Aston Martin, etc. use a diverter in the exhaust presumably ECU driven but would be easy enough to trigger via WOT switch. That gives you a much louder and free flowing exhaust at WOT.
  10. Nice work on the Rallye, but that Astra GSI is stunning!
  11. You're doing the Brighouse economy a big favour :lol:. Please don't spoil something as classy looking as top quality chrome and paint with carbon!
  12. Did you make a boss to mount the pulley for cutting the ribs for the belt?