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  1. Got these the other thanks to me lovely mum :) she does love me. [attachment=16714:IMAG0188.jpg][attachment=16715:IMAG0191.jpg][attachment=16716:IMAG0201.jpg][attachment=16717:IMAG0209.jpg] all fitted just got to fine tune the rebound settings . Left it the std hight they send them in for now
  2. Ok will check that.I changed to a genuine rotor arm and cap Not sure either how to check that lol but can find out .
  3. Thanks garyc for the diff . No more noise :)
  4. Tried that nothing really comes up for that :(
  5. No how you feel there bud one advantege with these is you can still drive without it . Bit slow tho
  6. Well I think that's more what it's done lol
  7. [attachment=16666:IMAG0156.jpg]
  8. What could be the main cause to this happening as this is the second one that's gone ?
  9. I did I topic about this can't seem to find it I used merc bearing hangers and 6009 bearings I believe . I will try to find it if not the part numbers and the bearing number the rear you just have adjust holes slightly and for the front you have to extend it to fit .
  10. Looking for a rear diff for my rallye must be good condition is possible ie no noises not worried about the vc unit so if anyone knows of one it would help thanks :)
  11. Got the rear diff back on the car but still got the noise coming from some where the bearings in the diff all appeared to be good the only thing with it now is the diff is a bit stiffer as in one wheel does not rotate opposite way anymore unless you hold it can this be a problem. I think that happened when I tried to get it out ?
  12. I'm ordering mine very soon :)
  13. I may have a spare one kicking round will have a look