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  1. Did you ever solve this? I'm having the exact issue in my Mk1! It totally bogs down when i accelerate, like nothing happens then all of a sudden violently takes off. To a point where last week i literally had to limp the car home. Its was also letting out black smoke when i restarted it the next day which to ages to get going
  2. Apologies only just saw all these replies. Dishes are now sold. Praks
  3. A few pics of them fitted to my Mk1. I was running 185/45 15 Nankangs   No Spacers: [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Mk1%202010%20Snaps/Mk1G60Front.jpg.html][/URL]   12mm Spacers: [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/img3.jpg.html][/URL]
  4. Hi All, For sale I have 1.5" Stainless Steel dishes (15 Inch Wheels). These were removed from my BBS RM 012 but i believe they should also fit RS Wheels aswell. They made my wheels 7.5j  As you can see they look fantastic! Although not 100% brand new their not far off barr maybe one of them. I've tried to picture all of the imperfections as possible. Ideally i'd prefer someone to collect these so they can have a look first as I want the buyer to bee 100% satisfied before purchasing them. You won't be disappointed. Once the tyres are fitted you really do have to go looking for the imperfections. I bought these from Fulgenfuchs in Germany about 4/5 years ago. They currently sell brand new for £110 each + PP!!  The only reason for sale is that i've berg cup'd my Mk1 so need to get deeper dishes.  I'm asking £300 collected. But am open to sensible offers if someone's willing to do a quick sale and come and get them asap. Please call Praks on 07944730725 Dishes are located in TW3 2DR (West London) Pics below:                          
  5. Price drop £2,400 ONO   Ive also sourced a replacement ISV and dropped the car to the garage this morning which should sort out the idle issue
  6. [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142115.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142156.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142203.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142219.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142228.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142242.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142302.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142311.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142347.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142510.jpg.html][/URL]
  7. Hi All,   For sale my 1992 Black Corrado G60   Price: £2,600 ONO Location: Hounslow TW3 Contact: 07944 730 725 (Prakash) Mileage: 152k T&T: Tax until 31st December 2014 and MOT until 14th July 2014     Hi All,   I'm selling my Corrado G60. I bought the car as a run around in January whilst my Mk1 was being restored. I purchased this as a mini project, as it had an over-heating issue, knocking wishbone, punctured tyre and rusty bootlid   Straight after getting the car home i dropped it to Vara Technik in Sunbury who diagnosed the problem as a failing water pump and worn bushes up front. He also advised me that who ever had a go at repairing the car had fitted a standard 8V head gasket and not the correct one, hench the creeping temperature!   Since owing the car I paid to have all the front bushes replaced (both sides) including the ball joints, top mounts, wishbones, roll bar etc. to solve the knocking issue and had a new type fitted (Pirelli PZero Nero)   I also had the head gasket replaced inc. new head bolts and rocker gasket and cam belt kit incl aux belts. And they gave the car a full service before it left including a new Bosch S4 battery just for good measure.   With the car running perfect again i sourced a new rust free boot lid in black and new number plate plinth, this has all been replaced along with a new spoiler mechanism which now works perfectly on the switch and comes up and down once you get to about 40mph as it should.   The car itself looks great a real head turner and has that signature G60 whine. The charger was replaced last June by the previous owner with a new item purchased from germany, I don't have a certificate for this however VT do have records of fitting it (old owner was a customer of theirs) and the charger serial can be seen in the pictures (Feel free to contact them, they know the car very well). Also has old charger which can come with car if you want it   Seats have been replaced at some point with black leather front and rear and even includes the original VAG First Aid kit in the hump and other motorway items in the top of the seats. The front driver seat does have bolster wear (see picture below) and unfortunately the door cards are still the original items.   The rest of the interior everything works as it should, including the tilt & slide sunroof, electric mirrors, electric windows, central locking and car also came with a pioneer headunit, kenwood door speakers and Sub and amp in boot and 6x9s in homemade rear shelf, which to be honest hasn't could do with a tidy up.   Since replacing the bootlid, the bodywork is now in great shape for a 22 year old car, it has a key mark by the fuel filler, few stone chips and few parking dinks (see pics) and front lenses in the bumper have cracks from stone chips   Wheels are RH ZW1 17" 9j and 8j. All wheels have kerbing marks on them and have since i got the car. From what i can tell all dishes could be refurbed except one rear one which had small dent on the first step (pictured), i bought a new dish from fulgen fuch which will be included in the car (pictured) and the car has spacers front and rear.   Tyres are Pirelli PZero Nero all round in 205/40 ZR 17 front and 215/40 ZR 17 which gives a nice stretch but not over the top and all have nearly new tread.   Suspension is H&R Coilovers which i've raised slightly all round as the chin spolier used to scrap on my driveway, but other that that they handle really well and are not too harsh.   Engine wise car is pretty much standard, besides having a FMIC and piping, induction kit and a full powerflow exhaust incl CAT   The car has dark smoked tints, since changing the back boot i decided not to change the glass as rear view at night was difficult so front and rear glass is standard and security wise its fitted with a full central locking scorpio alarm system.   Well that's everything I can remember off the top of my head, apologies for the long winded advert but just want to be as honest as possible and not waist anyone's time.   Its also worth mentioning that when taking the car for a wash today after its been sat for 2 weeks,it was running abit lumpy when cold but was fine after that, spoken to Sanj at VT who said its probably the ISV which i will have him look at this week, if it needs cleaning or replacing then i can have that done depending what the car sells for.    I've taken as many pics as i can think off below and included a video of the car running. I'm asking £2,600, but am open to offers! No silly ones though! And also i'm going Vegas on the 12th June for my stag so if anyone is willing to come with cash before that then i am willing to do a better deal!!   I honestly believe this is a great deal, and with a quick home wheel refurb, good clay/polish and wind down the coilovers this would be a real head turner!   I'll let the pics do the rest.Thanks - Praks   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_141833.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_141841.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_141848.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_141908.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_141914.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_141936.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142007.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142027.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142041.jpg.html][/URL]   [URL=http://s813.photobucket.com/user/G60Praks/media/Corrado%20G60/20140531_142054.jpg.html][/URL]
  8. yeah so it doesn't idle until its warm, i've managed to source a second hand ISV anyway now so think i'll fit it over the weekend and hope that solves the issue! Also might replace the rotar arm &  dizzy and see if that sorts the bogging down which still occurs every now and then even when its warm. Its being very temperamental at the moment, i drove about and hour on Saturday and when in traffic the idle would suddenly drop randomly until i give it a good rev!   Also on two occasions during that long drive the oil buzzer went of twice (only 3 beeps) which is a bit worrying! But could be just a faulty sensor i'm hoping!   Good shout on the fuel filter, i'll check it on Saturday. Gonna be selling it soon so want it to be running sweet for the new owner
  9. Hi Guys,   I bought a cheap corrado G60 whilst my Mk1s been getting painted. I got it cheap with a blown head gasket, since then i've had the gasket and water pump done and its doesn't overheat anymore. However it never had an ISV fitted (just both holes blanked off and plug left hanging) When i collected the car it was running sweet as a nut.   But after sitting for a day or two, i start it and it trys stalling and for the first 5-10 mins of driving if i try to accelerate it seems to bog down (almost as if its miss firing) then all of a sudden it bucks and takes off like the clackers!! But after 10mins of driving the problem solves itself and it runs sweet again.   I've changed the blue temp sensor, set timing to 6deg and put a new 1m hose to ECU. I'm assuming if i buy a new ISV and fit it all back to standard it might solve the issue, but is there another way around this as i don't fancy forking out for a new ISV   Also, i searched the forum and some of the cold start issue topics, but will drilling a hole in the butterfly sold the bogging down issue?   Thanks in advance guys! Praks
  10. Hi All,   Recently swapped my rusty tailgate for a new one, however the new one didn't come with the plastic panel that the number plate sits on and my old one is cracked and had been tigersealed on so is impossible to get off!   Anyone got one?   OR does any know where i can buy one? I've checked VW Heritage & ebay but can't seem to find one!   Much appreciated Thanks Praks
  11. I PM'd on Edition about the number plate plinth, let me know how much inc. P+P Thanks Praks
  12. Hi All,   I'm looking for 1 BBS RM centre cap. Not bothered too much about the badge itself.    Just need the nut and dimple ring   Thanks   Praks
  13. Its a 4 door. Think he'll just let the auction run tbh. not sure what its worth, but his advert isn't great so sure some should bag a bargain!