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  • Wheels 2.0 16v BBM Rallye......
  1. funbagjuggler

    Wanted: G60 engine block

    I try!! I've got a load of bits for a 16vG60 build too.... BBM 90degree elbow Couple of billet fuel rails Think there's some big injectors too. ABF manifold with flipped inlet to same side as MK1 16v manifold, I struggled to get big injectors A couple of chargers that would probably make a good one 8v loom and ECU (won't split) Sure there's some other bits Building a 16v turbo now though for my lads mk1..... Thinks it'll beat my 20v mk1..... How's the Rallye???
  2. funbagjuggler

    Wanted: G60 engine block

    I'm in Northampton. I put one out for the scrap man today. Bottom end only and has had no head on. If it's any good to you, free to good home, call me before 9am so I can get it out the scrap metal pile. After that I won't be able to guarantee it'll still be there. That's for anybody that wants it. Call on 07736144801. Gavin
  3. Hi James I have a brand new, with stickers still on, never fitted hard plastic scuttle cover....... Gavin You still got my number??
  4. funbagjuggler

    lots of pukka g60 oem parts p cast big valve

    I've got 2 'p' cast heads. Think they have a 1mm bigger valve as standard. Also got a polished and ported head, freshly done and not used since........ Brand new Kent cam, followers and vernier pulley still in boxes..... Open to offers and if you're going to Edition you can collect.... PM me if interested....... Gavin
  5. funbagjuggler

    Wanted G60 PG block with crank

    Did you get sorted? I have one sitting in the garage.. In Northampton
  6. funbagjuggler

    UK Rallye Golf Show 2015

    Holiday Inn Express Manvers Way Rotherham North
  7. funbagjuggler

    :-) I've got a RALLYE - G806 AUD

    Think this belonged to my mate Rob.... His user name was route76 on here I think..... Lived Wisbech way Car was at MV Developments for a while I think.... May have a number for him on an old phone PM me if you want me to have a look for it...... Gavin
  8. funbagjuggler

    BBM g60 engine and charger

    Got a brand new one if you want it. £120 never used. My lad can take to UD if you're going.
  9. funbagjuggler

    Wanted!! Golf mk2/Corrado G60 radiator shield.

    The plastic bit that sits on the top of rad? Has the sticker with vac pupe routing on?
  10. funbagjuggler

    wanted edition 1 g60 / rallye

    Search 'austingreatorex' on instagram and look at te Oak Green G60 he sellin...... He's on facebook too.......
  11. funbagjuggler

    electric recaro seat wiring looms for sale

    ^^ As above...... Find mk4 polo in the scrappy. Cut the plugs off the electric window switches, they plug onto the seat switches, or take leccy window switches if u need. Wires from middle 2 connectors go to motor in seat base. Pos and neg from fuse board go to top and bottom connectors in pairs (pos n neg at top pair, pos n neg for bottom pair) same as witlring for mk2 golf leccy windows, just to seat motor not window motor. Simples..... 👍😉😎
  12. funbagjuggler

    elec wing mirrors

    Yes. PM me a number because CBA to upload to photobucket then link to a thread. A mirror is a mirror after all, and they are not cracked or broken and you're gonna paint them anyway......
  13. funbagjuggler

    elec wing mirrors

    Left hand drive or right hand drive fit, theres just a tab underneath mirror case u need to flick over. They currently in a RHD car so I guess puttin em in a LHD car will just be puttin the loom in the other way round,, but u may find then that switch will operate the opposite mirror....... Left position right mirror, right position left mirror. U will need a nearside wide angle mirror glass tho if u are that bothered. £100 all in and I'll take em out today......,
  14. funbagjuggler

    elec wing mirrors

    Hi Frank. I'm in Spain till weekend. PM me a mobile number or email and I'll send u a video. I have 2 sets. 1 Royal blue, 1 Schwartz Blue. Gavin
  15. funbagjuggler

    elec wing mirrors

    How much do u want to pay...??? I'm going to sell a Golf soon that has them and dont mind removing them. I put them in anway so its all there and working......