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  1. sajg6016v

    schrick oil pan

    anyone got one to sell
  2. sajg6016v

    16vg60 Head

    looks lovely
  3. sajg6016v

    16vG60 Teeth

    you can try ordering from gates or dayco distributor need dimensions of belt and length this is what i had to do with my belt 20mm 8mm tdh by what length rings a bell i had a supplier in Birmingham but they closed shop years ago 😩
  4. sajg6016v

    G60 ISV: delete / filter / reroute

    Hi I never ran a ISV on my 16vg60 and as for the drilling a hole in the butterfly flap I removed the wedge on the flap which was held by two tiny screws  it left with two tiny holes which I left out the motor would run rough on start up for about 30 sec on a cold day but then tick over perfect after.  
  5. sajg6016v

    Wanted G60 PG block with crank

    I have one pg block bare the crank will need attention the shell on the no 3 rod has spun round the crank and has scored it bores very good never smoked   £50
  6. sajg6016v

    WANTED pg/corrado g60 block

    i have a pg block bores are good crank needs attention slipped bearing on con-rod no 3  based in Birmingham £50  
  7. sajg6016v

    16v g60 Spark Plugs

    I ran rs2 plugs in mine
  8. sajg6016v

    Extra long throttle cable

    when I was running my g6016v with s2 manifold I had a cable made to the required size but after a few attempts after cable( snapping).I  later ordered a 1.6 carb model and it does the job
  9. sajg6016v

    mk1 g60 not starting ?????

    ignition switch? try this put the key to ignition so the dash lights up make sure gear is in nutral and put a live to the starter motor solinoid red/blk wire and crank it from there if its runs from that then u ither have a knackerd ignition switch or the live from the ecu that is wired to the back of the fuse box move it to a another spade ignition live spade connector.
  10. sajg6016v

    16v g60 insurance

    i had mine insuered with brentacre gave me a decent price from 8vg60 to 16vg60 one of the guys that works there owned and built a g6016v in a corrado
  11. sajg6016v

    Toothed Pulleys

    sounds amazing i was running tooth belt on the g6016v belt does not last long tho bit of a pain to change if u running power steering pump as well u wont have that issue in the mk1
  12. sajg6016v

    twin g60 20v

    [quote name='mk1-forcedfed' timestamp='1331858049' post='151823'] thanks to you all with open minds,i plan to run 2 standard pulleys for charger reliability,ive had lots of flow work on head and will run 2 into 1 charge cooler specific to requirements,i built because my engine was worlds first 20v supercharged from jabbasport,i did put a new ihi vf34 on to run with charger but got fed up trying to devise bypass system which i decided as a no no as i wanted to harness whatever power out of charger as long as it was spinning and didnt want to use electro mechanical clutch,all my main brackets are done now and ive milled an original main charger bracet down to use on rear so it matches front,just need another good charger now,all the loom is done,chargecooler being made and custom tubular manifold to 3" WOULD BE HAPPY WITH 340 BHP BUT ITS HOW IT GETS THERE THAT COUNTS,THANKS TO ALL YOU WHO GAVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK MORE PICS VERT SOON ANYONE OUTHERE HELP WITH A CHARGER THANKS AGAIN [/quote] hi the 20v g60 that u had was it in the green mk1 scirroco storm from back in around 2000-2001 4wd and the biggest charge cooler that id seen if it is that engine was impressive i remmember the right up tec on the gearbox alone was half a page long. its good to see some one thinking out the box of building some thing diffrent fair play to u when i was bulding my engine i to had to think out the box all i had to go by was pictures of engines on stands everthing was trail and error but i did not give up in the end i had more satisfaction and joy from people comments saying thats unique something diffrent from norm. one chager sounds great but having two running OMG bloody awsome i have a spare charger i would love to do some thing like this on my engine this is a intresting project u got going there best of luck with it dude
  13. sajg6016v

    Decent plug leads

    I would pay the extra and buy magnecor leads 8mm iv had them in both my g60s they are quality set of leads
  14. sajg6016v

    16vG60 alternator mounting pic's

    Yes they are mk4 tdi rolllers iv used a few of these on my engine
  15. sajg6016v

    16V Turbo - Here i go again.

    touqeflow in smallheath?