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  1. original abs still fitted? if so was another guy suffering the same due to a fault in the abs but as above try the comp valve first
  2. both doable but why when you can get one ready made ... a trip to germany will be nothing comapred to the hassle of modding one
  3. any scope for drilling and pinning the crank ...has been done before when the keyway wears
  4. edition one was the trim package - also avail on 8v and 16v cars you could get the non ed1 g60 gti without all the bits mentioned ...just gti g60 , would have still had the big tunnel and bonded screen
  5. ive done mine with the slave off and clamped off , then tie it above the height of the res , can give the master and slave a little tap while its bleeding to try and move any bubbles 
  6. just the butterfly in the tb not the return , you will see its got a big lump screwed to it , some folk just remove it and block off the holes with something   not worth it imo...i changed mine back , it might help at high speeds but makes it crap around town and normal use
  7. u.s ebay   , search for mustang injectors you might get a set of 8 for a good price and resell the others
  8. de wedged make them jumpy at low speeds...hated mine   if you get a scrap tb off a 16v mk2 golf the butterfly from that fits straight in ... 
  9. fittment had nothing to do with it , wasnt leaking at the joins or rubbing on the body so its just down to the exhaust   thing is while im 40 yrs and hated it sounding like a chav , there will be young lads that think it sounds great wazzing around halfords car park and the droaning on the motorway wont concern them
  10. each to thier own and all that , but i had a 2.5" jetex on mine and it was HORRIBLE at motorway speeds , just sounded like a chavved up saxo really hated it    wouldnt reccomend one to anyone , the rear beam bend is dented flat to clear so must restrict them   after that i switched back to a genuine vw system , didnt notice any decrease in performance at all 
  11. you can clamp the hose and if the pedal is rock hard then the master is okay   with the age of these cars and the hassle you get from breaking down i would replace both parts and the hose , i found sensible prices on german ebay
  12. our ed1 is over 200£ with hagerty so yours doesnt sound too bad 
  13. would you offer just the cloth option?   be nice for those whos panel is in okay condition , maybe a kit of cloth and suitable glue