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  1. No problem at all. I'm still trying to get transparency to work in safari, it's all fine in chrome. Does anyone use anything else anymore?! It's obviously a shortcoming of the way the forum software is built, there were images to fake transparency but that won't work so well with the carbon pattern as it's rendered on the fly. Worst cast some boxes are solid black rather than semi transparent so not a big deal. No loss of functionality.
  2. I can live map your G60 for you.
  3. New Dubforce Theme available to all. Bottom left of page > Theme > Dubforce Give it a try, if its all working ok we can set it as the default theme for everyone. Please test and report
  4. Cool, I'll get another 5 sets made. Could you all send £200 to hello@dubforcetuning.net via paypal and put your address and user name on the transfer. This covers postage as well as the vents. If anyone would like to collect then it's £185. Sorry they're a bit more than they were last time, it was 3 years ago though...3 years, that went by pretty quick
  5. It doesn't look like too much of a ball ache to change the background to a repeated carbon stripe (like I've done on the landing page). I've got all the logos saved if they've been lost. If you like, I can duplicate the existing theme and at least try to apply some branding to it. Sorry I've not been on in a while. As it turns out, running a business is quite a lot of work.
  6. As well as chip based tuning solutions, we're now providing remaps on most ECUs. From Digifant 1 to MED17 we've got you covered.   All maps are £200. We don't lock the ECU down.   We can tune for performance, economy or a balance between the 2. We can add custom code for launch control and no lift shift, we can remove sensors, remove immobilisers and also recover and restore ECUs that have been locked by other tuning companies or bricked completely.   We can even offer a mobile service within a reasonable radius of our workshop for a small fee.   Please get in touch to book your car in.   http://www.dubforcetuning.net/remaps/
  7. I'm looking at doing another run of carbon vents if there is enough interest.    The price will be about the same as it was before, around £170 including postage.   If you would be interested in a set, please add your name to the list.   1. JamesG60 2.
  8. Not yet but they will be in the next few days
  9. Every year I say I'm going, every year something comes up. But I'm definitely going this year...unless something comes up :lol:
  10. Before going toothie try a continental gatorback serp belt. They eliminate belt slip in all but the most extreme conditions.
  11. I've got all the kit to emulate digifant, this includes live mapping/data tracing etc so you can see exactly which cell is being used to derive spark timing, fuelling, etc. I can map it for you of if you like I can put together a live mappable ECU for you for £450. I do this on an exchange basis, so £450 and a working digi1 ecu gets you a fully tested live mappable ecu that you just plug into with a USB cable. I also provide all the software you need to interface with the ecu and a couple of base maps to get you going. On going assistance is provided, we don't just leave you lost and in the dark.
  12. I think these are the reproduction keys, there was a guy selling them on Facebook a little while ago, I think he was French. They were about £35 each IIRC
  13. I sell complete chargers, both new and used, also do G65 chargers if you fancy one of those :)