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  1. Hi mate 

    Yeah i'll have it please 

    Give me a call on 07908620087



  2. I have a leather gear knob at home I took off my Rallye to fit a Motorsport one. Don't know if it's an original one, or if there are differing ones!
  3. I can. I have a PDF that I "translated".
  4. Back up for sale, decided it needs someone who will use it. £11k
  5. Mine's just gone up in price  :clap:
  6. Leather door cards €649 I've a set in my loft.   Side badges €99 I have 2 sets of these.
  7. I've had a few enquiries for mine since Christmas. It's been out twice in the last 2 years, both times to VWNW at Tatton Park. Compared to the E30 M3s, Integrales & ur quattros Rally prices haven't risen as steeply.  One thing for sure, they won't come down. Fancy a BMW R1200GS and need to spend some money on my house. Tempting.
  8. Don't know what rating the alarm is but yes to the rest.
  9. It's been asked before but who's competitive these days. Currently with Haggerty but it's knocking on for £180