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  1. anyone got a set of 15" audi wheels in 4x108 knocking around they wanna get rid of, they musnt be to modern as they are for a 1984 car :whistling: pics and prices cheers jim
  2. as title says, will check the code full working order, £300ono
  3. pics!! as seen in pics gearbox code is FEX transferbox code is ADB partnumber 02C409107H rear diff looks klike sdp? part number is 02d525053c the shifter to drop in the box is a rallye one i have that seperate
  4. i have a few people wanting to" split", they are wanting everything apart from the box, so they can bolt the transfer box onto their "modified " rallye box, this is fine but you can understand ill have a 02a 4x4 box left over thats not much use to me but would maker a good rallye gearbox for someone who wants a newer box or had a broken box (the a3/octavia box is pretty much identical in form to a rally box but with different gears and can handle more torque from factory) so i would split if someone wanted the gear box seperately if not make me an offer it says ono no sensible offer will be refused
  5. hi there i have for sale the parts needed to go haldex but in 5speed o2a form with these parts no modification is needed on prop or front shafts ( you will obviously need to modify the rear beam to take a haldex diff!) gearbox transfer box rear diff rear shafts prop mounts all that is needed is a controller and the rear beam mounting kit they are the " audi a3 quattro/ skoda octavia4x4" parts and are a direct fit to the rallye shafts and prop and gearbox mount, i have already converted the gearbox to run a rallye shifter so the front end is all bolt in stuff and connect the gear cables, the back end is needing to be modified to take the diff , then just a controler, being of an 02a based car the rallye rear shafts need no modification (uses standard rallye inner joints) these parts were brought when i was gonna convert to haldex but not used £600 ono
  6. sold to faz thanks for all the interest jim
  7. for any more info please ring me 07735412215 jim
  8. g60 wil;l cost alot more in the long run to get good reliable power, i went 20v for many reasons but any one know a g60 that makes 250+ hp (which in my opinion is a good power for the rallye system) that only need oil changing every so often, returns a heathy mpg (i see over 30 on decent run with 300+) doesnt need rebuild of charger ever year or so and is no where near pushed to its limits, ? and for these reasons i chose 20v , even a standard 150bhp 20v engine will make good reliable 200+ with very little mods and the extra torque will make the car perform better when i went 20v i used a bam engine, and i had a standard boost map (when it just had a k04) and it made 220bhp, so pretty much standard for a bam, and this figure is also an acheivable figure for a good g60 ,my rallye when g60 was just over 200 and the first drive with it running 220 in 20v form outperformed the 200+ g60 by far
  9. pm sent clear up your in box , wont accept any more pms ;)
  10. faz is first in line for viewing etc, he was first to send pm
  11. gonna get it out the garage over the weekend and do some pics