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  1. Credit where credit is due, you've put so much time and effort into restoring this rallye and it looks fantastic. Should have no problem selling, especially if you've advertised it abroad.
  2. Hats off to you, that is absolutely fantastic, one very original and very clean mk2 GTI, if only I could get any of mine upto this standard.
  3. No longer required because I'm putting my Rallye back to factory OE spec. Steering Wheel Used but genuine 300mm diameter MOMO Team with black centre, was briefly fitted to my Golf Rallye for approx. one year before the car was sorn'd and stored in my garage, awaiting restoration. Has only covered a maximum 2 or 3 thousand miles from new. As expected it's in excellent condition with no visible wear marks or defects, no scratches or nicks in the leather, no loose stitching and the leather hasn't worn smooth or shiny - it still has a nice matte finish. Comes packaged in original box with fitting instructions, genuine Momo horn push and wiring connections. Boss Kit Brand new and genuine MOMO part No. L8014 (not a cheap ebay fake) to fit late spec mk2 Golfs with the big spline, should also fit mk3 Golfs, Polos, etc of similar vintage - buyer to double check before purchase. This was an impulse buy last year for my other mk2 project but was never fitted and is no longer required. Comes packaged in original box with instructions and sealed plastic bag containing 6No. black screws and allen key. Reluctant to split but I will do only when I get confirmed buyers for each. Price: £160 collected. Any postage extra. Location: Altrincham, Cheshire (South Manchester) Tel: 07seven89 433five25 Please PM or text me if you're interested. Regards, Matt.
  4. Back on topic.......   There are currently 4 original looking Golf Rallyes for sale on mobile.de ranging in price from 16000 Euro upto 55000 Euro  :o and I actually think the nicest looking car is the cheapest one, which doesn't have a sunroof.   Not sure how long they've all been advertised for since I don't regularly check that website, but if they're actually selling at those prices then I could be tempted to sell mine this year rather than have it sat in the garage for another 12 months!  :lol:
  5. Sadly no longer required........finally realised my dream of building my ultimate mk2 will never happen. :(         I bought these a few years ago direct from Audioscape when still available new, but never got round to fitting them. Instead they've been stored in my parts stash, still wrapped in the original packaging . Needless to say they are still in immaculate condition - no marks or defects anywhere - very hard to find like this now.   Will be supplied with everything shown in the pics including A4 sheet of fitting instructions and bag of sealed screws, exactly as if you were buying from Audioscape - standard black vinyl finish and NOT pre-cut with speaker holes.   Price: £160 no offers or px  Location: Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 (South Manchester) Tel: 07seven89 433five25   Please reply here or PM/text me if you're interested.   Regards, Matt.   Note:- Price is for collection from above location but I can post if absolutely necessary - however please remember they are quite large and heavy so buyer to pay all postage costs & paypal fees.
  6. I realise this is a major thread revival but.......   I've just been crawling around under my rallye this weekend and pulled out the remains of this soggy, half disintegrated cardboard mess from behind my front bumper.   Question: is it really necessary to replace this card (with something better?) when I build it back up or can it be left off?
  7. Thought I would offer this for sale on here first.....                         Removed from my own Golf rallye and kept in my spare parts stash but no longer needed.   Genuine VW front grille part No. 191 853 653E and comes with the VW badge part No. 191 853 601H all painted in the original pearl green LC6V colour.   Excellent original condition with no damage whatsoever (no cracks, no splits, no broken clips, no silly warped ends, etc.) except some very minor stone chips (in the 25 year old paint!!!) but you'll be painting this to match your car anyway so it doesn't matter.    Price: £100 collected Location: Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 (South Manchester) Tel: 07seven89 433five25   Please reply/PM/call/text if you're interested.   Regards, Matt.   Note:- I am very reluctant to send this in the post due to size & possibility of getting damaged in transit.  
  8. Interested one for a 3 door with sunroof, fed up of repairing mine now, as long as it's a "fit and forget" job.  :lol:
  9. I've had the Sahara indoor cover from CoverYourCar.co.uk fitted on my rallye for the last 5 years, use it pretty much 24/7 when it's parked up in the garage.   The fit is perfect and it's great at keeping the dust off and giving a bit of protection as you (or the kids!) get stuff in/out of the garage.   My own opinion, I would never use an outdoor cover long term and certainly wouldn't cover paint that's only 4 weeks old.......learnt my lesson from covering my other mk2 long term when it was parked outside.
  10. Really needs the original Sebrings or RMs putting back on, and the OE steering wheel too.   The asking price is probably fair considering it may well be the last chance to buy a genuine 1 owner, low mileage UK SE rallye?
  11.     Almost 15 years ago.............M3 style rear lights, what was I thinking? :lol:    
  12.   Fell in love with your rallye after its first makeover when you had it painted blue..........I ended up going out and buying a set of 17" RK2s exactly the same about a week after PVW came out and I read the feature. :lol: