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  1. I miss not reading posts in here. Great resource for information. Anyone else feel the same?
  2. MK3 and Corrado I think have same one. Worth checking. Tried ebay?
  3. and make sure the hose is not leaking or damaged UNDER the outer material which caused my similar issue a coupleof years back.
  4. Interested in the second one. What year was it printed in?
  5. Mark, can you hold "la Golf Rallye" for me please? I'll confirm later this morning. Thanks.
  6. Just home from holidays. I've cleaned up my inbox so should be fine now.
  7. Thanks. Sorry for delay in reply. Didn't receive notification so need to check my settings.
  8. These are 360s right? Whats the fitment on the boss? VW small or big spline?