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  1. a new camera is in , finally :D I'll try to make some pictures next week
  2. I have a set of meccatune Hi/low in my golf1, my corrado and my peugeot partner . I sell these things, but I cant live without xenon anymore.
  3. my camera broke a few weeks ago :(
  4. After 4 months of hard work in my compagny I restarted working on the mk1 again. I bhope to have it finished during the winter, except the wheels ans something else, thatw will be bought in the early 07s :D Last week I've installed my inner roof again and did something special with it :D :D :D This satterday I have adapted the rear porsche seats, yes it will be porsche all over the place :D. the front seats have become bigger, but the rear ones have becone smalle
  5. Swap lasts 10 minutes maximum. so that is not the problem. You guys think that the MOT at your place is strict? Come over to Belgium, lets see what you must change here :wacko:
  6. All normal kirts are for 250 now. from 4000 till 8300K. The kits have 1 year garanty at bulbs and ballasts. Set of bulbs comes at 110 euros if they die after 1 year. Rallye lights are H2, dont have xenonkits for htose lights. When you have H4 with only 1 bulb for main and highbeam, you will have to use a bi-xenon if you dont wanne lose the high beam. Xenon does NOT get warmer then normal lights. Xenon is 35W , normal bulbs have 55W.
  7. I'm organising a xenongroupbuy. Normal prices are: 269 euro : 4000K 279 euro : 6500K 289 euro : 8300K Now for the price of 250 euros This is only for the normal xenonkits, not the bi-xenonkits. (bi-xenon pm me for the price) Price is incl VAT and excl shippingcosts. Available for H1,H3, H4, H7, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007 lightbulbs This groupbuy is till the end of march.
  8. This is not the grill you buy, only the paper for the german tuv
  9. No, no house of kolor basecoat.
  10. Tim email me at koen.verrees@telenet.be I have some detailed pics from the back. If you can make 1 that is cheaper, count me in.
  11. basecoat is just black with metallic in it. something special is added there too :D The I used a candy concentrate over the basecoat.
  12. I am pretty handy, and have all the photos of how it is behind the grill, but I cannot make this one. Finall offer from orciari is 926 euros incl vat. normal sellingprice is 1110 euros excl vat = 1343 euros incl vat
  13. discount i got is now 30%. But I want it lower than that.
  14. never mind this post. I just got a phonecall from them and the price for 1 piece is 1110 euros :headbang: dont think that there is 1 person in the whole world that is willing to pay that much for a front :wacko: