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  1. Will have to dig out the old microfish and see if it was avaiable in 1991
  2. Thanks for reply , the handle I am looking for is the one that allows you to raise and lower the seat base , as on standard rallye and G60 seats
  3. Hi looking for the handle that adjusts the drivers side seat height in a G60 or similar Thanks Will
  4. Aerotech

    Elsecar At The Races 2016 new venue

    Going sunday , anyone else ??
  5. Aerotech

    June meet

    Is there one?
  6. Aerotech

    Motorsport shifter

    Any news on some pictures and a break down of cost of parts.
  7. Aerotech

    Fuel pump Q

    Took me ages to sorce bits , some ended up coming from america ( topic vw supply or lack of )
  8. Aerotech

    VW Northwest Tatton Park

    Will come across for this one, usually a good mix of cars and jumble
  9. Aerotech

    Dubforce Stands at shows this year.

    If not to late put me down for 2 cars at fueled society
  10. Hi anyone got one nos , or in good condition, or can point me in the right direction to get one thanks Will
  11. Aerotech

    Rallye seat material

    Looking for 2mtrs anyone up for the other 2mtrs ??
  12. Aerotech

    Fuel pump problem

    KR 16V saves the day
  13. Aerotech

    sebring wheels

    Thanks for info
  14. Aerotech

    sebring wheels

    Got the wheels just looking for a good cap thanks for reply
  15. Aerotech

    sebring wheels