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  1. new set will cost you less than £1000 and you can choose widths etc,then sell your 16" hardware,job done.Looked into this but its hard to get 2nd hand stuff in 17",specially in widths you want
  2. my god,you my hero!!!big respect for all this hard work,speccialy with metal fabricating!!coming well,cant wait see it all painted and parked up on yr drive like a boss!!
  3. they dont looks like 17s atall man!!!but great wheel,i trying to sourt some p/x out same but centerlocks against my e50s,great rallye and best colour imo :P
  4. coz its located in europe ;) this price must incl at least shipping or mk2 golf
  5. as above really,custom inlet manifold for 1.8T,2.7biT TB flange,extra ports (fittings incl,+ new TB gasket OEM vwAUDI.Am after £450 or nearest offers please
  6. as in title,rare EXIP mesh wheels,looks like mahle ;) set of 4...16x7et25 4x100 and cb 57.1 so perfect for mk1 mk2 mk3 polo lupo etc etc,refurbed last month but no into show condition,new gold paint and polished dishes,offers around £600 please,can post no problem or collection form london,sw20. contact zero.seven.8.one. £500 no offers
  7. as in title,in good condition,can go straight on the car,£400 posted £380 colleceted from sw20,south london,wimbledon.Contact me on zero78one seven 3030 seven six
  8. pic pls,as im just about to order CAE one for 02M box
  9. the quality is good,few members here got it form eurowages.com who sort it in first place,then sell to heritage.Need to buy some for my rallye too
  10. same here,maybe some1 can ask for 5 or 10covers for PG/1H 8V covers?maybe golf rallye insted g60?i like them alot,and 100 notes seems to b fair price,who can sort it for dubFORCE members?
  11. yeah,bit rare matey.was for my mk1 but i got oz turbo now,drop me pm if you interested.
  12. not splits but quite nice Exip 16x7et25 4x100 cb 57,1 so straight on,after £600 but open to offers,im in london,sw20
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